The Internet Made Me Do It || An Opinion Piece

Vegan Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken released their vegan version of chicken today, to much hype, fanfare and screaming fans.  Before we know it, we will all be consuming make believe chicken, simply because of the hype.  This happens a lot thanks to PR machines paid to make products look good. The bottom line is, it is a plant-based product that tastes like chicken.  What they have put in it to make you believe you are eating a version of chicken is anyone’s guess…. There are numerous loopholes in the US that allow companies to get away with murder..literally.

A while ago, I wanted to write an article on the effects of vaping, and e-cigarettes on the skin.  I felt it was a relevant topic given the great hype.. Unfortunately there isn’t enough information on the topic yet, possibly because e-cigarettes are not FDA approved, and not regulated, so it is not clear what people are actually consuming yet.. One of the ingredients is apparently a carcinogen used in the paint industry… At least with cigarettes you know what you are getting yourself into..

This article is actually about protein :). Anyone that wants to know me, need merely check the One II One Abdoun Insta-stories.  Working out is my mode of release, making me a calmer, happier and fitter person.  I don’t consume enough protein in my diet to support this healthy habit of mine, which lead me to protein supplements.  Ten years ago, when I started taking protein shakes; vegan varieties were all the rage.  I am not a vegan, in fact I love animal protein, be it cheese, or the occasion filet mignon.  The media in its varied forms, convinced me that vegan is the way to go.. And who am I to argue with the media right ?

For over 10 years now I have been consuming vegan protein; the internet made me do it.  It has served me well, curbing my appetite and sculpting my muscles.  It was only last October when we decided to work on heavier weight training that an alarm bell went off.  My muscles were not growing at the expected rate, and whey protein was suggested.  I pushed back and procrastinated but eventually replaced my tried and tested vegan protein with whey protein, something I had never tried before.  Well other than the substantial improvement in muscle definition, my hair got thicker! Yes you heard me right, the animal protein was better for the health of my hair.  I have suffered from thinning hair for over 30 years now.  I have tried everything, from Regaine, to every over-the-counter supplement and medication recommended to me.  I kind of stopped trying a few years back, simply because the damage to my liver with all the medicines was not worth it.. Well, I found what works best for me… animal protein.

The moral of the story is… don’t let the internet tell you what is good for you.  Allow it to enlighten you and provide you with options.  Please don’t eliminate food categories just because they are no longer trending (cheese lovers this one’s for you!)  And keep in mind always that manufacturing is a dirty business.  Just because something is better for you, doesn’t mean it includes better ingredients.  Case in point the clean cosmetics industry.  Did you know that the cosmetics industry is not regulated… Meaning that although the FDA has prohibited 11 ingredients from all beauty products, they don’t actually test the safety of the products before they are launched onto the market.  The FDA actually states,“companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products.”  This is just a little peak into the complicated world of ingredients…