What Men Hate About Women Summed Up In A Word

What Men Hate About Women

It doesn’t matter what part of the journey you are on, there is probably a man involved. Your boyfriend, partner, husband… If there is one word that easily sums up what guys hate most about women it’s the word drama. Take that word and apply it to everything, your hair, makeup, attitude, behavior, breakup, you name it.

Not to be confused with the words spontaneous and exciting, ‘drama’ is heavy, overly emotional and a little too focused on the relationship.

Science has taken it a step further, researchers have found that a woman’s tears can biologically reduce men’s testosterone levels and therefore their sexual arousal.


What Men Hate About Women


Another way to look at it is to swop the word drama with extra effort, when you make too much of an effort it comes across as drama. You know that candlelight dinner you worked so hard to perfect? To him it could actually be a bit of a turn off if he is completely caught off guard.

So you wonder why there are so many books with iterations on the title, ‘Why men love B*tches’. Actually they are not really b*tches , they are just busy with their own lives, they say ‘no’ often and are not readily available. We could learn a thing or two from them.


What Men Hate About Women


A good indicator of how much effort you put into your relationship is by listening to yourself talk about it. When you are constantly discussing your relationship from the man’s perspective. ‘He said’, ‘he wants to’, ‘he thinks’.. you can tell that you are perhaps putting too much of an effort… The spectrum is quite broad, some women take it to the other extreme and forget to mention their partner at all. A happy in-between is best…