People Around Us | The Super Ex-Patty!

People Around us

I warned you ladies that I would be fair and depict both male and female characters in “People around us”. Without further ado I proudly present our first female person around us… the Super Ex-Patty!

I am pretty sure all of you have encountered one or more super ex-patties in Amman. Our country like a lot of others in the region export our nearest and dearest due to better job opportunities and pay and so on. We miss our ex-pat friends and family dearly and look forward to reuniting with them. The difference between the normal female ex-pat and the super ex-patty is how they perceive Amman once they’re back for a visit! For example, the super ex-pat arrives for a morning coffee with her local besties, first thing she will complain about is driving in Amman “shoo had the roads are full of potholes and the other drivers are deranged!” true as that might be, didn’t our super ex-patty live here all her life till about 5 minutes ago? Did she expect the roads to be renovated in anticipation of her arrival? Next, we will all gossip about the parties and dinners she missed and our kids’ school and social dilemmas we went through while she was away. She will attentively listen just so she can triumphantly come back at us with “3inna bi (America/Dubai or Canada mostly) everyone is so chill so socializing is so pleasant! The kids have really come out of their of their shells and have so many friends and they’re getting straight A’s due to the exemplary schooling system and phenomenal teachers there!” while we all look sadly into our coffee mugs a little jealous of how stress free her life is, she will take that opportunity to seal the last nail in our coffins and say “I don’t know how you guys survive the pressure in Amman?! Hamdilla I’m so thankful I don’t have to deal with that anymore!” This is when I feel like screaming




Really ladies for all we know, the super ex-patty is miserable and lonely in her adopted country! So why do we give her the power of gloating about living her best life while us peasants are left with scraps? I for one am happy in Amman (a solid sixty to seventy percent of the time)!

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