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Living In The Moment || Appreciating The Special In Everything

Living In The Moment

We might be walking down the same beautiful path day in and day out, that in time we start doing so on autopilot, losing our awareness to the exquisite surroundings and taking things for granted because they’re just there. We reach a point where we don’t see the magnificent colors of the trees and the majestic vast blue skies. We don’t notice the fragrance of the flowers around. We do not hear nor feel the wind whispering its secrets to us any more; we become deaf to the sounds of the birds chirping and singing. We cease to show appreciation for what is already existing, getting used to having it around and never considering that it could all disappear from our lives in a blink of an eye.

Some times, the way we treat loved ones can reflect that attitude of taking things and people for granted, and not putting any more effort to maintain and nourish that relationship.


Living In The Moment


The fact of the matter, my friends, is that nothing is permanent and nothing goes on forever in life. If we are not observant, aware, and appreciative of what already exists in our lives, we might just miss out on a lot of goodness and amazing opportunities that were literally thrown our way and we passed by them without even noticing.

Be grateful, be aware, keep your eyes open. See, acknowledge, and appreciate what you have because it’s already plenty. This is the only formula you’ll ever need to unfold the magic in your life.


Namaste my loves!

Lina Zalloum Is An Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor And Energy Medicine Practitioner.