10 Tried and Tested ActiveWear Tips

Activewear tips

It may not come as a surprise to you that I work out.. Like..alot!  The gym for me is part of my lifestyle. It provides me with good fitness, emotional sanity, a great group of like-minded friends and of course a challenge. I realized that over the years I have compiled a checklist of tried and tested activewear tips, and as Barney says, ‘sharing is caring’ so here goes…


1 || Different Sports Activities Have Different Clothing Requirements

Activewear tips


If you are the kind of person that wears the same style leggings to both yoga and HIIT then I have a bone to pick with you.  Take stock of your activities and how you feel during the sessions.  Take a moment after your activity to see how you feel in your clothes… Switch it up, till you feel most comfortable.

My most favorite leggings by Daquini are perfect for yoga because they hold me without restricting my movement , but are not breathable enough for running.  I sweat profusely, so need a legging that is more sweat-wicking for running, which is where the Nike Epic Lux come in.

The same can be said of sneakers.. those that give balance during a workout may be too heavy for running.


2 || These Shoes Weren’t Made For Errands

Activewear tips


You could wear your sneakers for errands before and after the gym, but its not the greatest idea.  Firstly, they get dirty, and for a lot of us our exercises involve our shoes being on the same mat as our faces, not the best case scenario.  Secondly, they last longer when you take better care of your shoes.  Designate a pair of older trainers for running errands, then put on the proper pair once you get to the gym.


3 || How to Take A Sports Bra Off with Dignity

Activewear tips


There are thousands of jokes about taking your sports bra off.  When you’re hot and sweaty after a great workout, attempting to take your bra off can seriously ruin your mood.  One of the easiest ways of making it slightly simpler is by bending over and taking it off from the back first.  Give it a try, it works!


4 || Functional Clothing

Activewear tips


First comes functionality then comes beauty, just because you like the way an item looks, it doesn’t mean it works…  Take those fabulous leggings by Alo Yoga that have the leg warmers attached.  These are made for a yoga class, and perhaps not in the middle of summer..  Your cropped top may look fabulous on, but it won’t work for your down dog,  And those Lululemon leggings with the functional pockets, are great for an outdoor run, but are just additional layers of fabric when you have nothing to put in them…


5 || If You’re a Sweat-er…

Activewear tips


Sweating profusely at the gym makes you the envy of the gym class, ridding yourself of all those toxins with ease.  You may not be feeling the same way especially if your sweat comes through your leggings or tops.  Black leggings don’t always cover sweat effectively, its because they are matte in texture.  Opting for a shiny black legging will hide your sweat much better.  As for your soaking short sleeved t-shirt.  Opt for a sleeveless tank with a full coverage sports bra in a print or color that conceals sweat.  The bra will soak up most of the sweat, leaving your tank top in better shape.


6 || Camel-Toe Begone

Activewear tips


You are either wearing low-waisted leggings but pulling them all the way up.. In which case, take them down a bit.  Alternatively it may be that your underwear or leggings are relatively thin in fabric, in which case wear a pantyliner.  This gets rid of the problem immediately.


7 || Feeling Over-Weight

Activewear tips


We’ve all got to start somewhere.. and dressing for the gym may be a little intimidating if you are not feeling your thinnest. Sorry, baggy clothes aren’t going to do you any favors though.. Good looking outfits go a long way in building your self-esteem at the gym.. Consider the areas that you are least proud of and think of ways of minimizing them instead of concealing them.  For example..if you have a muffin top you may feel inclined to wear a long baggy t-shirt, but you could alternatively wear a compression high-waisted legging that will hold you in nicely.  If you dislike your thick waist, you could consider a top with ruching at the waist, that will mask the actual size of your waist.

If you think your legs are too big, look for leggings with color-blocking details that will break them down a little in size.

The point is, activewear nowadays is quite fashion forward taking into consideration all the above points, so taking the time to find the right piece is key.


8 || No Washing Machine

Activewear tips


Please don’t put your activewear in the washing machine, in the long term you will be taking off a year or two of wearability.  Yes you heard right, gym wear is meant to last for years.  That’s why Lululemon have a forever return policy, if your leggings ever wear-out you can get them replaced.  Activewear costs a pretty dime nowadays, treat them with care, hand wash your items with a delicate fabric soap, then leave out to dry.


9 || Socks and Shoes

Activewear tips


Often overlooked, your sock and shoe combination can either make or break your workout.. Have you ever felt your socks slipping on the sole of your sneakers?  This lack of grip means that you can’t effectively do your lunges etc.  If your socks are too thick, and you wonder why you are sweating..you have your answer.  There are no rules to this, you need to continue to experiment till you get it right.  I have very thin, yet big feet so unless Im wearing two pairs of socks my feet tend to dance around in my shoes regardless of how tight my laces are..


10 || Brush, Floss, MouthWash

Activewear tips


Lastly.. before you head into your gym class, brush your teeth, floss and gargle.  In addition to lactic acid which can have a bad effect on your breath, there is more intimacy in your workout than many other places.  Sometimes you need to whisper into someone’s ear so you don’t disturb others. Your instructor may correct your posture and ask you a question.  We tend to laugh-out-loud, shout and talk a lot, make sure you have the confidence to truly let go..