Probiotics And Weight Loss || Which Strains Are Best For You?


Probiotics are live microorganisms known to many as bacteria flora. Once taken regularly a multitude of health benefits will be reaped including improved digestive health, heart health and immunity. Found in supplements and fermented foods, many studies are proving and supporting the fact that probiotics can also help in weight loss efforts and belly fat reduction..

Our natural God-given trillions of bacteria living in our guts -and located mainly in our intestines- are mostly friendly and produce several important nutrients like vitamins K and B. Moreover, breaking down the fiber that the body finds hard to digest results in the production of a beneficial short-chain fatty acid such as butyrate and propionate..

However, the general gut health which differs amongst humans determines the quality and amount of the optimal bacteria flora presence..  Acidity, antibiotics, smoking, lack of sleep, not exercising and stress are the main reasons why we lose the good bacteria and end up with many problematic health status.

When it comes to body weight, the balance between two main families of good bacteria determines where you stand in the body weight spectrum; bacteroidetes and firmicutes.. People with obesity have more firmicutes and fewer bacteroidetes, compared to normal-weight people.




How Can Probiotics Affect Changes in Weight?

Certain probiotics may inhibit the absorption of dietary fat, increasing the amount of fat excreted with feces. In other words, they make you “harvest” fewer calories from the foods in your diet. The Lactobacillus family have been found to function in this way.

There are many ways where probiotics are found to fight weight gain, some include the following,

  1. The release of GLP-1, which are the appetite reducing hormones result in burning calories and fats. Those include leptin, ghrelin, peptide YY.
  2. They increase ANGPTL4, which is a protein that decreases the storage of fat.
  3. As mentioned, the fiber breaking process that results in less constipation, bloating and a flatter tummy..
  4. They enhance the metabolism. As the body functions more effectively, probiotics tend to increase metabolism. The reason behind this is that a healthy metabolism continues to use calories regardless of body activity.




Bottom line is, what happens in the gut does not always stay in the gut. When the digestive tract is in proper balance, with the assistance of probiotics, the rest of the body can benefit as well. Many individuals manage to attain their weight loss goals while ingesting probiotics..


Which strains are best for weight loss?

If weight loss was you motive behind consuming probiotics look for the following strains of bacteria on your bottle..

  1. Lactobacillus rhamnosusaided.
  2. Lactobacillus gasseri.
  3. Lactobacillus fermentum.
  4. Lactobacillus amylovorus.


*Always remember, consuming the right probiotics for your case is only one part of the weight loss puzzle. A healthy diet and exercise plan should always be present for best results..