Confessions of A Shopaholic || What Happened When My Cards Stopped Working


It is only fair to mention that I am a responsible shopaholic. I usually have a really good reason for buying stuff. After all I am a professional, and can spot a great buy a mile away. Would you forgo a fabulously-cut, reasonably-priced skirt even if you had a few similar ones at home ? In my eyes it’s a waste, in reality it’s also a waste, but of the financial kind.

So I have three private credit cards that I use for shopping, so I was humbled when all three stopped working… Not only humbled, but panicked. Just like any other addiction, I didn’t understand how I could actually live without my cards. My first card expired, and the new one is still stuck in Florida at my parent’s house. The second card was cancelled because there was a $1 transaction that I couldn’t account for, so they cancelled the card in case someone had hacked into my account. My third card, I must admit got abused at Louis Vuitton, reached it’s limit and gave up on me.

I find myself, for the first time since teenage-hood walking through the mall without the purchasing power I am accustomed to. So what happened ?


1 || The Feeling Is Temporary

I guess I had never given myself the chance to gauge how much I really liked something…because I bought it instantly. Now in this new predicament I realize that the feeling of ‘needing’ something is temporary. I see the ‘perfect’ item, I ‘love’ it, ’know’ I can’t live without it. Leave the shop and promise to pass by the bank in the morning to get the cash to pay for it. Strangely nine times out of ten, by morning it is out of my system. Like a rash, the itching is over…


2 || Not Buying Doesn’t Mean Never Buying

Many shopaholics have the feeling of scarcity, if you don’t buy this piece, it will never come back again, and you will never have anything like it. My humbling experience put me in a position of not buying something because I was just too lazy to go back. A few weeks later I see a similar product, perhaps even better and I realize that it wasn’t the end of the world….


3 || When You Buy Similar Products You Can’t Wear Both

I have always had the attitude that if it suits you, you should buy it. The problem is, the same things suit you… So instead of one pair of great sunglasses, you buy 4, because this round glasses trend is so amazing on you. The trouble with this is, you can’t wear four glasses at once, so you end up sacrificing a great pair of sunglasses because you bought a newer pair. These get pushed to the back of your sunglasses drawer till they are no longer on trend…


4 || Just Because You Have The Money Doesn’t Mean You Need to Spend It

Many of ‘us’, feel that if they have the funds they shouldn’t deprive themselves. The fact that my credit cards no longer worked, didn’t mean I didn’t have the money, it was just harder to gain access to it. Those extra few days, of seeing the item, rushing to the bank then back to the store, allowed me to think about whether or not I really desired the item. After all, if I really wanted it, rushing to the bank then back to the store shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. It is the hassle that actually clarified the importance of the product in my life. If the cards were working I would have bought the item then and there. But ultimately they weren’t worth the hassle, so how precious were they in the first place ?


5 || Special Things Stand Out

Don’t get me wrong, I am still shopping, but the quality of my purchases are better. The pieces are more unique, I have nothing similar in my cupboard and they were totally and completely worth the hassle. I was happy to take the trip to the bank, park the car at the mall, go through security, go up the escalators, walk into the store and pay for it, then driving home of course.