We’re Loving the Pilatre Training System

Pilatre training

Every so often, you are introduced to something new and you find yourself questioning, why it hadn’t been thought of before.  Pilatre training is one of those great ideas that was sitting in hiding till Triin Randloo came across the idea and developed it into a winning concept.

A former volleyball player, Triin’s work took her to many corners of the world, her constant companion, hotel treadmills. The thought first came to her while on business in Singapore.  Tired of the same old power walk routine, Triin started to introduce exercise moves to her walk, which allowed for a more dynamic workout, activating her whole body, resulting in a more stimulating experience as well.

The interest of fellow gym-goers, encouraged Triin to explore her concept further, which finally resulted in Piltre, a full body workout system developed in coordination with Kerttu Tänav – a certified and experienced pilates instructor.


Pilatre training


Pilatre is an exercise system that works all three elements, cardio, core and control; all you need is a treadmill.  If your treadmill has turned into a clothing rack of sorts, now is the time to dust it off and bring it back to life.

With Pilatre, calories burning is increased by incorporating exercises that target your deep core muscles, improving posture and increasing strength and flexibility.  It is also designed to build stamina and boost endurance.

One of the elements that Triin focuses on most when discussing Pilatre is the emotional side.  Pilatre training helps to relieve stress and anxiety, bringing back the fun to treadmill workouts.

Life is busy.. well at least it was till the COVID-19 pandemic.. The thought of attempting to squeeze, cardio, core and strength training into your work week is challenging to say the least.  And even when it is possible, it does eat up a very big chunk of your downtime.


Pilatre training


Pilatre training changes all of that with workouts created specifically for your treadmill, allowing you to enjoy your cardio, core and control all in one place, all at the same time.  Bid farewell to painstakingly long power walks on the treadmill, in the company of your latest tv show.  Pilatre makes your workout dynamic with a studied sequence of moves that will boost your calorie burning, improve your strength, stamina and endurance.  The workouts are accompanied with great music, created specifically for Pilatre.

The Pilatre library of workouts is extensive; accessible from any of your devices, Google Play and the App Store, with workouts suitable for every fitness level and focus.  Pilatre have gone so far as to introduce hairstyles and activewear options for the glamorous ladies out there.

Access to the Pilatre library is subscription-based, with a variety of tempting packages at reasonable prices.

So, if you are fortunate to have a treadmill, you’re pretty much set! Click here to get started.