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What Is The F-Factor Diet? || Could It Be THE Secret To Permanent Weight Loss?

F-Factor Diet

Yes, believe it or not despite feeling that we have covered every form of diet out there, but we still manage to hear about new emerging trends on the healthy eating front. This time the trend we will be discussing involves a diet that allows you to eat out and have carbs without having to die at the gym. So if you’re anything like me I’m sure you will be curious to learn what sort of diet allows to do all that and still lose,,,, it is the F-Factor diet. To find out how it works and what is involved read below…


What Does The F Stand For??

FIBER….The F stands for fiber and it is the main component of this diet. Developed by Tanya Zuckerbrot, the F-Factor diet is scientifically proven to help achieve “weight loss and optimal health”. So this diet diverts your attention from avoiding certain food items to make you focus on the foods you need to up your intake from,,, namely foods high in fiber. Foods with a high fiber content make you feel fuller which will make you consume less food throughout your day.


F-Factor Diet


How Hard Is It?

The diet claims to be super easy to follow and the food items you need to purchase should all be quite affordable and readily available at any grocery store.


What Foods Can One Eat?

The diet provides insight on how to make appetising and fulfilling meals that are based on combining lean proteins with high-fibre low-calorie carbs to make you feel full without feeling deprived. The amount of fiber that is present in every meal is in line with the recommended daily fiber dosage. The key is to keep feeling full and fulfilled while the metabolism is revved up and energy levels are increased. This food plan even allows the person to indulge his sweet tooth, drink alcohol, and to maintain a perfectly normal lifestyle.


F-Factor Diet


What Are the Benefits of Fiber?

Eating fiber in general leads to more satiety, a reduction of insulin secretion, and more short-chain fatty acids.

#1 Helps with weight loss and weight management.

#2 Stabilizes blood sugar and improves the levels of glucose.

#3 Cuts the risk of developing colon and breast cancers.

#4 Lowers cholesterol significantly as well as reduces hypertension.

#5 Helps with constipation and reduces bloating.

#6 Increases energy levels and improves exercise performance.

#7 Improves sleep.

#8 Helps clear up the complexion and improves sex life.


F-Factor Diet


What Are The Expected Results?

As with any other diet results will differ for each person, however increasing your fiber intake will have significant effects on your weight loss and your overall wellbeing. Americans consume 16 grams of fiber per day on average which is almost half of the recommended fiber intake, so when you double that amount this will definitely lead to weight loss. The most promising thing about this diet is the fact that this is a highly sustainable program that doesn’t promise quick weight loss in return of some fad or gimmick as it places great emphasis on consuming whole foods in moderation. I, personally will buy the book and meanwhile anyone can check out their website for more detailed info and suggested recipes.