The Great Equalizer … Covid 19

By this point there is not a conscious human being on this planet who does not feel the sheer magnitude of the novel corona virus.. These are surreal times to say the least! Our parents and grandparents who have seen quite a lot, have never lived through such a crisis. The domino effect created by this virus has catapulted the importance of so many aspects of our lives. We all know the importance of technology but we have always taken it for granted, where would we be without our various screens and WIFI while we are forced indoors?

Doctors and medical professionals have always been superheroes but they are now responsible for keeping humanity on its feet by exerting super human efforts! With every amenity at our finger tips, how comical is it that every luxury has taken a back seat to daily essentials? The economic implications of this outbreak will not be temporary, they will rewrite the history of the global economy and our way of life in general.

What got me thinking more than anything is the social upheavals that I expect after the crisis passes. How life, travel, purchasing trends and general human relationships and interactions will change after the crisis subsides? Ladies (and gents) I would like your input on this, God knows we all have time!

I’m assuming that the first people you will visit and see after lockdown, are your family. Once we are all in the clear and not required to implement the behavior now known as social distancing, will you run at each other with open arms and smooches?

When you are not on lockdown and go grocery shopping, do you think you will go back to “list of the week” or will you have corona-related shoppers PTSD and buy more groceries to store and freeze than usual?

When restaurants and cafes open, who will be the friends you will have a reunion dinner with? If you have a “tribe” per se then you know who but if you are on the outskirts of the tribe social mentality, who do you call and who do you want to see?

Is there a fear in the back of your head that creeps up on you, making you question whether or not your phone will ring the day after corona? Have you been missed by someone?

When you go back to work, will you be more motivated or has this time away made you realize you need a career change?

The luxury of travel will never feel the same! Do you find yourself thinking that you will always be wearing masks and gloves in airports after this just in case? Will you start to make decisions based on essential and non-essential travel?

These are just a few questions that have been on my mind on day two of full lockdown and day eight of voluntary self-isolation. I have not gotten to the Zen zone yet where I have shifted my whole way of looking at life and readjusted my priorities entirely but that time is fast approaching. I’m just wondering how “people around us” and we will change after this?!

Until Next time…

Reality Bytes