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Karma || A Misunderstood Concept


Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action; work; or deed. It also refers to the spiritual principal of cause and effect, where intent and actions of a certain individual (cause) influence this individual’s future (effect).

In this time and age, the word Karma has been used and abused in the most unsuitable contexts and became associated with ‘revenge’ and ‘getting back’ at others.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

“when Karma comes back to punch in the face, I wanna be there.”

“It’s called Karma. And it’s pronounced Ha Ha Ha Ha”.

“Karma is the sweetest revenge.”

And so on and so forth, you get what I mean!




Karma is such a beautiful word with such a noble meaning so let’s not distort that meaning and keep the original and pure concept of it.

Karma is about doing good deeds and performing noble actions. It is about having peace and serenity within, the kind that does not get shaken by others’ behaviors or actions. It’s knowing for a fact that all actions of others do not define nor affect us and that the way we react to them is OUR Karma.




Knowing and believing in the above create a sense of calmness and content within. And believe me, when you have reached this stage, you’ll never ever wait for the punishment of those who wronged you, on the contrary you’ll be sending them love, kindness, and compassion. For when you’re in harmony with yourself, you’ll be in harmony with the universe.


Namaste my loves!

Lina Zalloum Is An Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor And Energy Medicine Practitioner.