People Around Us | The Man-Teen

Man Teen

I consider myself an observer. I don’t know if it’s a fault but I often find myself observing and analyzing people around me specially in social situations. Ok I hear you, no I haven’t studied psychology and this is not based on any science. In “people around me”, I intend to relay my observations (which are comic to say the least|) about certain types of people I come across. To be fair, I will give my two cents on both male and female characters. You have to keep an open mind though, I’m not judging, just observing!

We’ve all been to parties and clubs and dinners and almost in every one I’ve been to, I have come across what I will call the man-teen! Yes ladies he is the grown man who refuses to act his age! the man-teen will forever be the teenager in the room. You know who I’m talking about; he walks in with a swagger, he obviously does research on how to dress young and if he still has hair, its coifed to perfection! He is a man-teen so he will be awkward at first and loosen up after a few drinks. You would think it would end there but not for the man-teen; he needs to be the loud life of the party. He will swing and dance and call out to the ladies or his spouse or his other man-teen buddies to join him on the dancefloor. He will shame you if you would rather just stay put! He will know all the words to the latest songs and he makes sure he has what he thinks are the moves “the kids make today”! The man-teen will strike up conversations with the ladies and be charming while at the same time maintain the macho frat boy vibe with his male friends, it’s a talent onto its own!

The man- teen will never want to be the first to leave the party. If he has a spouse, the poor woman would be ready to exit at a reasonable time but the man-teen will think she wants to ruin his life (enter teen drama)! If there is a stage at the party, the man-teen will be on it while his poor non-teen wife pulls a muscle trying to keep him from falling off it! Oh yes if the man-teen has a woman-teen with him then great. If the woman with is not a teen, she’s in trouble! She will have to play the part of pretend every single time! She will have to fake smile and laugh at all her man-teens’ behaviors till her jaw aches!

So here you have it, the man-teen is the first character of what I intend to be a series of “people around us”.

The man-teen has left the building, but not before he has professed love to the host and the world and given out fist pumps!

Until next time…

Reality Bytes