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11 Simple Hacks To Help You Save Precious Time!

Hack to save Time

Your impressive to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter; in fact, it probably is getting longer by the second. You wonder where does all the time go? You try to prioritise and to manage your time well but you can’t escape getting pressed for time. Will this be the story of your life or is there a magical solution somewhere? Sadly there isn’t! But there are certain habits that you can adopt which can help you save a bit of time here and there …let’s explore them below.


1 || Passive Reading

For those avid readers out there, why don’t you explore passive reading? Passive reading is just another way of saying that you listen to audio books, and before you toss that idea out the window just give it a try. You can further your professional knowledge or enjoy a recent best-seller while you’re commuting, driving your children to school, or working around your house or office.


Hack to save Time


2 || Adopt A Uniform

Steve Jobs swore by it and so does Mark Zuckerberg. You don’t have to neglect your sense of style though, but it helps if you’ve mastered a certain style for yourself that would border on the uniform. Determine a certain style for work, gym, going out and staying in. Keep a look book of your favourite outfits saved on your phone to go back to when stuck for inspiration. Choose your outfits the night before and lay them out to save you precious time in the morning. Or choose your outfit lineup over the weekend.


3 || Limit Your Time On The Internet

Use apps such as SelfControl that block your access to useless websites that eat up big chunks of your time.


4 || The “Pomodoro Technique”

This is all about time boxing; vow that you will work at the task at hand for only 30 minutes with no interruptions. Don’t allow any phone calls, emails, social media, or even a building on fire to disrupt your focus.


Hack to save Time


5 || Reply To Emails Instantly

If you’ve opened an email and it requires a simple reply then do it right away; there’s no point in going back to an email if you’ve already opened it and answering it requires a minute of your time. That being said, make sure to check your emails at a predetermined time two to three times a day; turn off your notifications so you don’t get too tempted.


6 || Practice The “Plus-One” Rule

Whenever you’re faced with a small task, think of one extra task you can take on while you’re at it. Even though this doesn’t look like you’re saving time on the short run but cumulatively you’ll be getting through so much.


7 || The Two-Minute Rule

Or the one-minute rule, take your pick. But if something takes you a couple of minutes to do, then do it now. Generally speaking, leaving this task for later will take you 5 extra minutes to perform.


Hack to save Time


8 || Double The Recipes & Freeze Half

IF a home cooked meal takes around 52 minutes to prepare then imagine the time saved if you double up the quantity and freeze half to use for later. Soups, casseroles, meatballs, and poultry can last up to six months in the fridge. Along those lines, save time by buying pre-chopped veggies for cooking.


9 || Time It To A Song

If you love listening to music, then timing yourself according to music should be better for you. Let’s say a song takes 4-5 minutes, then make sure you don’t take more than 5 songs to get ready in the morning.


Hack to save Time


10|| Determine Your Must Haves, Should Haves, and Good Haves

‘Must have’ tasks are usually the most important tasks on your to-do list, while your ‘should haves’ are important tasks but they’re not critical. Your ‘good haves’ are optional tasks that won’t affect any of your set goals. Prioritising your to-do list according to these tasks brings you one step closer to perfectly managing your time and not feeling so busy all the time.


11 || Watch Online Classes

Be they cooking or coding, whatever takes your fancy you can learn it online. IF you’re the sort of person who’s a life-long learner then taking advantage of online courses or classes should be the thing for you. Instead of wasting your evenings on Netflix, look for course on public speaking or management, learn a new language or even learn coding if that’s the sort of thing that takes your fancy.


Hack to save Time