8 Supplements That Boost Beauty And Are 100% Effective


Beauty starts in the gut.. A phrase that we at CIIN keep repeating and genuinely believe in. You are what you eat, literally speaking, and when you’ve reached to a point where it’s not merely weight issues that you’re referring to, then this article is going to be perfect for you..

I would like to extend the common conception above to the following; ‘You are what you eat, drink, consume, metabolize, digest and absorb..’ Those are believed to reflect on your overall ‘beauty and health’ current status.. The top secrets for maintaining perfect skin, a glowing complexion, healthy hair and nails, optimal mood are advocates for the fact that beauty does not only materialize as a result of what we apply topically, in fact, it’s a combination of what we pay attention to both topically and internally. That’s when you know for sure you have reached your ultimate health and beauty goals..




Below, the best case scenario when it comes to successfully supplementing your system with vitamins and more.. Our picks below guarantee to up both your skin care and overall health game… Most are tried and tested, stomach friendly and proved to be the best out there..


1 || For Upping Your Sunscreen Game

Just like we do in skincare, we always advise to apply a topical vitamin C serum prior to sunscreen application, as this will amplify the benefits reaped from both by 4 times. The same applies to taking vitamin C orally.. Ingesting 2000mg on a daily basis can enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens applied to your skin for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. By decreasing cell damage, helping the healing process of bodily wounds, help fending off signs of aging because of its vital role in the body’s natural collagen synthesis, vitamin C will effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles..


What To Look For In Your Vitamin C Supplement?

One Word: Liposomal..


Dr Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C  || available at CIIN eshop
NutriFlair Liposomal Vitamin C  || available at CIIN eshop


2 || For Better Bone Health

Steer away from osteoporosis by committing to a calcium. Calcium provides strong bones. Our heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. It is especially critical for postmenopausal woman with a family history of osteoporosis. Another bone-strengthening vitamin is vitamin D3. Studies suggest that calcium, along with vitamin D, have benefits beyond bone health: like protecting against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.. Dose for women 50 years and younger: 1,000 mg per day. Women over 50: 1,200 mg per day..


What To Look For In Your Calcium Supplement?

One Word: Elemental Calcium. (Carbonate or Citrate Depending On Tolerance)


Rainbow Light Calcium Citrate
Nature Made Calcium Carbonate


3 || For Less-Visible Veins

Veins oh veins! A very visible sign of aging is when you start noticing capillary fragility; those prominent blood vessels spread out all over the body as well as the face…  Be it varicose veins, spider veins, broken facial capillaries or hemorrhoids. A multivitamin with vitamin C, horsechestnut, copper and rose hips is a daily must to deal with this case.. As for facial broken veins, go for a vitamin P supplement..


What To Look For In Your Anti-Veins Supplement?

One Word: bioflavonoids.


Circulation and Vein Support
Now Rutin


4 || For Thicker Hair

The minute you start being able to see your scalp through your hair in the front of your head, and when your ponytail goes down to half its thickness, chances are you were not paying attention to the deficiencies that caused it.  A blood test usually reveals certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as iron, ferritin level, folic acid, zinc, biotin when low are all indications of weak hair follicles.


What To Look For In Your Hair Supplement?

Key Words: Biotin, B complex, Choline, Silicon and marine complex.


Sugar Bear Hair || available at CIIN eshop


5 || For a Dose of Antioxidants

Free radical damage is one of the top concerns when it comes to beauty. It’s the damaging factors that we should pay attention to and avoid. Sun damage, pollution and oxidative damage should be neutralized to ban   free radicals. Vitamin C is a blockbuster antioxidant that supports the immune system, fights heart disease and may reduce chronic disease risks. Taking supplements to avoid free radicals involve many other unpopular antioxidants.. Choose your antioxidants wisely!


What To Look For In Your Antioxidant Supplement?

Key Words: Astaxanthin, L-Glutathione Reduced, Resveratrol and Grape Seed.


now Astaxanthin


6 || For Summer Days in the Sun

Yes, SPF is the first line of defense, but if you do find yourself in a situation of extended sun exposure then you need to get introduced to  Heliocare. This oral supplement is packed with antioxidants and claims to help skin protect itself against sun-related effects and aging. Another options is vitamin E. Like vitamin C, vitamin E’s main function in skin care is to protect against sun damage. It absorbs the harmful UV light from the sun when applied topically.


What To look For In Your Summer Supplement

One Word: Heliocare




7 || For Triggering Collagen Production

What is beauty without collagen? non-existent. Collagen promotes skin vibrancy, hydration and hair health. However, when ingested it usually seeps its way to the places where its needed most. Like the knees and joints. Remember, collagen is a protein, your over all bodily consistency is in fact collagen. Increasing your protein intake will help. However, if you want a perfect supplement of collagen that will make its way too where you want it, your face, then you must focus on the option with highest bioavailability..


What to Look For In Your Collagen Supplement?

One Word: Bioavailability, Hydrolized Collagen, Collagen Peptides.


Collagen Filler
Collagen Complex


8 || For Curbing Sugar Cravings

Sugar is considered one of the worst ingredients for your skin. It causes a massive burst of inflammation throughout the body.. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Taking 500 mg of L-glutamine before meals if you have sugar cravings helps stabilize blood-sugar levels so you’re more likely to make healthy food choices and not succumb to sugary treats.


What To Look For In Your Sugar Curbing Supplement?

One Word:  L-glutamine


Doctor’s Best