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Change Your Thoughts, Correct Your Mind, Transform Your Life

Change Your Thoughts

Mind creates experience. All of life is mind over matter. There is no external force nor power; for we are not in the world, the whole world is within us. Everything that seems to be in the world is in our mind, there is absolutely nothing outside of us.

Beliefs are just thoughts that we keep on thinking and eventually become a part, and a very crucial one, of our existence. These thoughts and beliefs we have are what shape our lives for the better or for the worse. It’s up to us to choose. When stuck in life and feeling helpless, the first change we should apply is that to the thoughts.

Our body is our thoughts but in a form that we can actually see; it speaks in physical condition what our mouth isn’t saying or admitting with words.


Change Your Thoughts


A healthy body mirrors thoughts of wellness. A sick body reflects thoughts of illness. If we believe others can hurt us, or we perceive value in touting and publicizing our wounds, our broken body will tell that story. By contrast, if we understand that our happiness is completely independent of actions of others, our body will express vitality, healing, and health. Fear is also a product of thoughts we create. Fear is not real and it only exists if we allow it to.

The body is a representation of mind and emotions. At any moment we can change our mind, which leads to transformed and changed circumstances. Our body does not cause our thoughts. It is a result of them. One small positive thought in the morning can change our whole day and eventually our whole life. Can you imagine what life will feel like when shifting and training our mind to see the positive in every situation? What a wonderful wonderful life that would be!


Namaste my loves!

Lina Zalloum Is An Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor And Energy Medicine Practitioner.