Self Help, not very helpful!

Yes ladies, it is my humble opinion that if we all accept our mistakes and forgive ourselves for making them (except 80’s hair, no one is excused of that!) we will all be much happier human beings. You do not need a 500-page self-help guide book to tell you that!

We need to be a bit more skeptical of what is being dished out by the media. Not every person with a successful career is a self-help guru.
When it comes to the self-help industry, it is all virtual reality. If you go through the self-help aisle, almost all the writers of said books are living in Europe or the United States. The social stigmas that exist in our part of the world are much more lenient on that side of the globe. Women have more opportunities in the work force for example, and are allowed more unjudged freedoms than we do. “you are better off raising your kids properly than working 8 hours a day”, the mother-in-law said! How realistic is it for us to be expected to achieve all the self-help promoted to us by someone who has no clue what our cultural dictates are? Before you say, “we can do anything”, think about it… realistically how much out of the socially acceptable box can you venture?
The only tangible reality is human interaction. A cup of coffee and a heart to heart with a close friend is all the self- help you need.

If we self-help our way through everything, therapists and our friends will be out of commission! When did it become more lucrative and acceptable to help ourselves alone rather than just simply ask for help? Call me crazy ladies but we are surrounded by people who should be willing to help if we need it. Our parents, spouses or partners and our friends, they are the ones we live with and the ‘normal’ should be to ask them for help. Unfortunately, I believe we are bearing witness to how we are all becoming lonelier by the minute.. We do not feel entitled to ask for help anymore! The self-help industry would not have flourished and grown to become a billion-dollar industry if it weren’t for the simple fact that human beings have become more inclined to fix everything on their own rather than ask others for help.
I know I’m using big words but it is staggering how lonely a person can feel even in a room full of people! Growing up I remember when a friend of my mother’s or a family member had an issue, my parents and others would physically hop to the rescue. Where has all this valuable human interaction and commiseration gone?
The real self-help we need right now is relearning how to stand up for each other and help one another. I recently read an article about travel trends, it stated that soon there will be a bigger focus on promotions for people traveling alone on vacations because that is the profitable path. Supply and demand.
We cannot self-help our way through this lonely planet. People need other people.

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