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6 Secrets So You Can Make The Best Use Of Your Facial Stones!

Facial Stones

It took me quite some time to hop on the facial stones wagon but that’s just me… always taking my sweet time to become convinced of anything new. I would just wait it out, if it’s a fad then I’ll pat myself on the back, but if people are actually happy with the results then I’ll be all for it! And that’s my story with facial stones… I will not make any fantastical claims here but first of all they feel great to use, secondly there definitely is some glow after using them, due to increased blood flow to the area. As for lymphatic drainage and stimulating collagen production, I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference but then again I have commitment issues so perhaps I should’ve persisted. That being said, should you want to commit to this fabulous wellness trend, here below are a few secrets to keep in mind.


1 || Pair With A Sheet Mask

If you have not seen this yet, well let us tell you all about it.  Beauty enthusiasts are pairing their sheets masks with their facial rollers to make the best use of the sheets masks and their active ingredients. The goal of using a sheet mask is to massage in the serum that comes with it and what better way to do this than to use a facial roller. Make sure to use a sheet mask that has some sort of grip in it so it won’t slide around your face while using a roller.


Facial Stones
Orgaid Vitamin C & Revitalising Organic Sheet Mask


2 || Depuff In The Morning And Sculpt At Night

If confused as to when best to use your facial stones, a quick rule of the thumb is to have a quick roll first thing in the morning to depuff the eyes. After applying your moisturiser and eye cream, use the small end of the roller and do five rolls around each eye starting from the inner corner and going out. Aim to have a full rolling session with your nightly routine and on the weekends paired with your favourite facial oil.


Facial Stones
Trilogy Rosehip Oil


3 || The Right Stone

The most common stones are the rose quartz and the jade; the rose quartz is known to awaken the skin because it carries a small charge and it works for people with hyperpigmentation. Jade on the other hand, is the default choice of crystal, works for all issues and it really balances the skin.


Facial Stones
eDiva Natural Jade Roller – Gua Sha


4 || Combine With Aromatherapy

Combining your facial stones with aromatherapy is another great tip. You can really influence your mental state by using facial oils that have distinct scents such as mint, lavender or anything citrusy. You can use lavender oils when using a roller at night to wind you down while mint or citrus scents wake you up and energise you.


Facial Stones
Derma E Rejuvenating Sage & Lavender Face Oil


5 || Gua Sha Body And Hand Massage

Did you know that the Gua Sha stone is not only used for your face, it is now gaining popularity for the body as well. Keep you Gua Sha at your desk or in your handbag for a midday or afternoon hand massage session. Lather your hands with cream and using the dimpled end of the stone stroke each finger from the tip to the palm. Rotate it around the fingers to reach all sides and do a few runs on each finger before moving on to the palm itself. Stroke the palm from the wrist with the curved side of the stone.


Facial Stones


6 || Clean Your Stones

Ideally, you should wash your stones after every use. All you need to do is run it under warm water and add a little soap, since your serum or cream will only sit there collecting dust and dirt and this is the last thing you will need.


Facial Stones