10 Tips To Help You Master Working From Home!

Tips to work from home

As we all prepare to embrace our new lifestyles with the many changes that we have to adopt, working from home has become a reality we never thought we would experience. Though for many it may be a drastic shift of routine, but it is one that is necessitated by the current health situation and one that cannot be taken lightly. Think about it however, you get to eliminate the time lost in traffic, you don’t have to worry about your attire, and you can take trips to your fridge whenever you fancy. Below are a few tips to help you work from home efficiently and without losing your mind in the process!


Tips to work from home


1 || Start Off Your Day Right

Do not be tempted to have a leisurely start to your day unless you’re an early riser and are used to having an early morning routine. Stick to your regular routine just like you would do when going to the office. Wake up regularly, shower, get dressed (sorry your pyjamas are not allowed), and set a schedule.


2 || Create A Proper Work Space

I admit to working from the couch or even my bed at times but for optimum efficiency you will need to set up an appropriate work station. No desk around? No problem, you can use your dining room table, and make sure to have a comfortable chair. Sitting on a table helps you maintain good posture, allows for minimum distractions, and when you’re done you can simply get up and ‘leave your office’.


Tips to work from home


3 || Stick To Your Working Hours

Stick to your regular working hours, for you will be tempted to take your time when working from home and run over the 5 o’clock mark. Beware of ‘work creep’; eventually, if you slacken off and allow your work to take over your family life you will disrupt your work-life balance and this might cause burn out.


4 || Work With Your Productivity In Mind

When scheduling your tasks keep in mind your shifting energy levels throughout your work day. Some people are morning people while others get their energy peaks during midday so work with what you have and schedule your tasks accordingly.


Tips to work from home


5 || Schedule Breaks

Sitting all day is bad for you and you already know that. Just like you would make sure you get up from your desk at work you must remember to do so at home. Cutting out the time spent in transportation means you have a bit more time on your hands that you can make use of by exercising or going for a lunch time walk in the fresh air if possible.


6 || Get Fresh Air

Sitting indoors all day means that you have to make a conscious effort to get some fresh air and plenty of sunshine. Whether by taking a short walk outdoors, in your garden, or sitting in a sunny room with the windows open wide.


7 || Plan For Your Kids

If you have kids you will need to plan ahead for disruptions. You can mix up your hours if your job allows for it, if your kids are slightly older you can talk to them about the coronavirus and explain to them your need to work in peace. Provide your children with activities that are time-consuming such as puzzles, legos, stickers, crafts and play dough.  Create a system whereby you allow them to interrupt you during specified hours; create a sign to hang on your door to let them know when it’s ok to come in.


Tips to work from home


8 || Would You Do This At The Office

Try your best to resist the temptation to multitask and catch up on household chores, this will be your biggest distraction. If you decide to take little breaks to fold laundry or do the dishes just ask yourself if you would be doing this while you’re at the office! Other distractions that could lure you away from your desk would be social media, Netflix, and preparation of meals or snacks. Again ask yourself if you would be doing this if you’re at the office??


9 || Stay Connected

Have regular check-ins with your colleagues just like you would in the office, so you don’t feel completely isolated. Update each other on the status of your work, share to-do lists, and make sure to lighten up the mood by planning virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues.


10 || Create A Vision Board

Vision boards help you utilise the power of visualisation to help you motivate yourself, better enjoy your work, and to stick to your schedule. Post pictures and write notes on your vision board to increase productivity and to get out of a work slump.


Tips to work from home