The Diet That Guarantees A Healthy Gut || When Elle Macpherson Recommends!

Healthy Gut

It is officially established nowadays that an acidic and unhealthy gut can negatively affect your life. Swapping your current diet to a purely plant based one makes it alkaline.When you are nourished and maintain a healthy pH balance, it assists with lowering acidity in the body that usually can lead to inflammation, low energy, weight gain and accelerated ageing of the cells. Once you commit to the switch, you will notice a huge difference in your life and the way you feel… In as minimum as two weeks, you will feelless fatigued, have more vitality, and your skin will rehydrate and look plumper and younger, your sugar cravings will diminish and most importantly your mood will stabilise..


Healthy Gut


Good nutrition can have a profound affect on the way you feel and look on the outside.By reducing acid-forming foods and replacing them with ‘live’ nutrients and raw vegetables and fruits, the body can return to a healthy balanced state and allow the digestive system and liver to rest and recuperate.

Elle Macpherson is a devoted plant based diet consumer.. She witnessed the transformation her body and soul went through and she has the following to say;


Having a healthy gut means I get sick less often and my energy levels are much higher which means i can accomplish more in my day and sleep better at night..


Elle has replaced red meat with fresh line-caught fish and ramped-up her daily vegetable intake. Elle generally opts for greens with whatever she eats at lunch, which is often a salad with a base of pulses, lentils or quinoa. Leafy greens and other vegetables, especially kale, spinach, sprouts and rocket are a few of her favourites..


Healthy Gut


The supermodel tops up her healthy lifestyle with The Super Elixir, which is analkalizing super greens powder with 45 alkalizing ingredients and absolutely no synthetics. To our surprise, this product is usually found on the shelves of the beauty sections in department stores!

Elle has more to advocate for her alkaline love;


I know my gut is out of whack when……I don’t sleep well, gain weight and retain fluid. My hormones feel out of balance and I lack energy and vitality. The symptoms I have experienced, in both acidic and alkaline states, have proven to me, that good health really does start with nutrition. I find having a healthy gut I get sick less often and my energy levels are much higher which means I can accomplish more in my day and sleep better at night. Being healthy on the inside also shows on the outside. My eyes and skin are clearer, my hair and nails are stronger.