8 Tips For A More Relaxing Holiday Time

Tips For Relaxing Holiday

Relax! You’re On Holiday

Tips For Relaxing Holiday


If you have ever felt that you need a holiday from your holiday you are not alone. Vacation time can be particularly stressful if you don’t tweak your attitude and expectations. Here are some great tips for a more relaxing time.


1 || Who Said Switching Your Phone Off is Relaxing?

We believe that switching your phone off to relax is an oxymoron. If you are sitting around panicking about who may have called you and what disaster you could have averted if your phone was on, then what’s the point. Instead allow for three phone checks a day. You choose the timings depending on your situation, and so what if you need to respond? 5-10 minutes out of your holiday may just save you a headache.


2 || Let Go of Your Expectations

Holidays are getting particularly competitive thanks to social media. Who looks happiest, who had the most to share and of course who had the most glamorous vaca.. Keeping up with all that can prove particularly stressful. Considering that humans are more likely to ‘do’ what they ‘see’ it makes sense to limit your social media time to once every couple of days and instead stay present in your real life vacation.


Tips For Relaxing Holiday


3 || Be Honest About Your Limitations

It might come across as selfish at the time, but being honest about your limitations will be better for everyone involved in the long run. If you really don’t like long bus rides, be honest about it instead of feeling queasy and therefore grumpy for the next couple of hours. If you hate to eat in the evenings, tell everyone up front that you will be sipping a drink all evening long. They may grumble at first but it beats them asking why you aren’t eating every few minutes.


4 || Try to Find Your True Self

It may take a while to find your true voice, you know the one that knows the real you. This poor voice has been muffled by all the ‘musts’ that you can hardly remember what it is you truly enjoy. After all what is the point of a vacation if you aren’t doing things you love. So how do you find that voice? Try in the shower, while brushing your teeth, folding laundry or doing the dishes.. all functions that don’t require a lot of talking.


Tips For Relaxing Holiday


5 || Slow Down

This is something that you must consciously do.. Slowing down means savoring what you are actually doing, which may mean you don’t need to do as much. Eat slower and actually taste your food. Try one attraction a day instead of two, it will give you more time to appreciate it more. Walk slower so you can enjoy the city, put yourself in slow-mo.


6 || Everything Changes But Everything Stays the Same

Some people have a serious case of FOMO and are convinced that once they get home from vacation they will have missed out on so much. You may have missed the wedding of the season or the greatest concert to ever come to town, but the truth is these events are all short-lived and won’t factor in for very long, take a deep breath and relax!


Tips For Relaxing Holiday


7 || No One Really Cares

If you find yourself creating a check list of things that you need to do instead of want to do think again. No one really cares where you went on holiday and what you did. They may show interest for about 5 minutes then they will go back to their own lives. If that two michelin star restaurant is on your list for them and not for you, cross it off.


8 || Everyone is Doing Their Very Best

There is one attitude that works every time… If you assume that everyone is trying their very best, then that super-slow sales clerk is not as annoying and the not so perfect restaurant service just becomes a summer traffic issue.