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12 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity Right Now!

boost immunity

As the whole world is shifting behaviours and perspectives in order to deal with the onslaught of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we need to take the proper precautions instructed and we need to manage our stress. Being under immense stress due to the amount of news being circulated wreaks havoc on our immune system. So how do we boost our immunity? There are countless ways to boost your immune system, just do your online research and you will be bombarded with dozens of tips. Doing our own part of the research, we bring you what we feel are reasonable and doable measures that you can adopt right now to ensure your immunity and the immunity of those around you stays on the rise during these turbulent times.


boost immunity


1 || Hydrate

Keep on drinking water so that your lungs can stay well hydrated and mucus can easily flow out of your lungs.


2 || Teas & Herbal Teas

Green tea and black are great antioxidants as they contain polyphenols, which by fighting free radicals can help support our immune systems. Star-anise is anti-parasitic just make sure it’s local or regional; if that is not available regular anise works just as well.


boost immunity


3 || Cut Down On Sugars

Sugar is inflammatory, period. Cutting down on sugar drastically affects your body and your immune system and I can personally vouch for that as my chronic tonsillitis disappeared after abstaining from sugar.


4 || Canned Foods

Not wanting to scare anyone out there, but given the situations that are arising around the world, we feel it’s wise to research new recipes that are made with canned foods. However, when using canned foods try to stay away from anything that has high levels of mercury in it. You might want to use sardine instead of tuna for now.


5 || Spice It Up

Certain spices have many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, try out recipes that use clove, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, cumin, bay leaves, and curcumin.


boost immunity


6 || Protein & Fat

It is believed that now is not the right time to deprive yourself of calories. Amp up your protein intake including meat. Switch up your vegetable oil to olive oil and coconut oil as it is believed that vegetable oil is inflammatory.


7 || Aim To Have Good Sleep

Having good sleep is crucial. Having trouble sleeping? Ditch the electronics and limit your exposure to blue light, don’t sleep near a router or anything that defines as an electromagnetic field (EMF), read a book, listen to music, take a warm bath, invest in a white sound machine, do breathing exercises, try aromatherapy (lavender oil is recommended), or take a supplement.


8 || Get Some Sun

Despite the current circumstances we all need a bit of sun. If the situation allows, go for a short walk around you block, if you have a garden make use of it, or simply sit anywhere in the house where the natural sunlight prevails. Vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to anxiety and depression.


boost immunity


9 || Call Up People

You need to keep ur your support system during these stressful times. Social distancing is recommended but that only means that we can make positive use of our social media. Did you know Instagram video call allows you to call up a number of people at the same time? Try it.


10 || Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

If your gyms are closed or if you prefer to stay out of your classes for a while, try streaming a workout online, go for a walk, or research the many home-exercise options out there. Just keep moving.


boost immunity


11 || You Will Need Your Pre- and Probiotics

It all starts with a healthy gut so get on the bandwagon of pre- and probiotics, and if you’re already on it, then stay committed people. Meanwhile you are advised to stay away from painkillers, anti inflammatories and antibiotics. Elderberry syrup, propolis from bees, selenium, and zinc are also recommended.


12 || Manage Your Stress

You will need to find ways to manage your stress be it by meditating, journalling, watching comedy shows or whatever else that can take your mind off things, just find your focus.