Love In The Time Of Corona

Armageddon, not the movie!!

These days life couldn’t get more real! 2020 has been so real, it has been totally unrealistic! (khalseena 3ad 2020!) We are literally living through unprecedented times, and this has created unprecedented feelings and worries. Everyday feels like the end of days! The global vocabulary has gained a new number-linked-word, COVID-19, and all of us can now tell the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic!! And as of today, all those with children at home will be forced to meet and make friends with online learning!! Our collective consciousness is united, our fears are united, our shopping habits have also united!

As we wake up to a new reality, albeit (hopefully) temporary, everyone has been forced out of their comfort zones and we are just now coming to realize what it means to be denied certain liberties that we never thought could be taken away!

As we adjust our calendars to postpone every event and activity for after two weeks (again hopefully), never have we felt this uncertain! It is not a comfortable feeling to say the least and it will test our limits in many ways. As we tuck away our gym clothes and passports and going out heels, we are in muddy waters!

Messaging apps have once again emerged as our primary source of digitally humanized interaction! Every group has that one person who wants to be the first to warn everybody that Armageddon is two weeks from Wednesday! I know we all claim to be fed up with the constant ping of our messaging app but we are secretly waiting for that ping! Think about it, has there ever been a time in recent history where everyone has so openly shared their feelings? Why have we all been unable to communicate so openly before the world took a tumble? 

What struck me is how much you learn about people in times of crises! I have had to put many through my personal corona character reevaluation program! Again, I am not judging, just observing! The pandemic preachers have accumulated a reservoir of dried goods that could eradicate world hunger and have enough sanitizer to clean out the sand of the sub-Saharan desert! The devil-may-care crew has been too busy partying (just in case the world ends) to check your messages! The hyper hypochondriacs cannot be reached, there is no signal in their underground bunkers! If, like me, you are in the grey area, you are contemplating which group to join while you apply ointment on your dry over-washed and sterilized hands!

This crisis has reiterated once again that we all fall into the habit of taking our “normal lives” for granted more than anything else! We are not incarcerated (yet!), but we are definitely imprisoned! 

Until Next Time… Reality Bytes

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