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The 7 People You Need In Your Life!

People You Need

Did you ever wonder how you get along with a certain friend who does not exactly fit your bill? Or do you catch yourself craving a certain person’s company just like that?? Well, this is all very sensible in fact, because if you pause to think of the people you have in your life, their characteristics, their strengths and weaknesses; you will realise that each person serves a purpose in your life. Read below for CIIN’s list of the 7 people we all need in our lives…


1 || The Nurturing Person

This is an obvious one but we had to start with that. We ALL need a loving nurturing person or persons in our lives. These are the ones who make us lose our inhibitions and love freely. They will help us heal when we are hurt no matter how busy, tired, or hurt they are themselves! Hold on to them for dear life!


Nurturing Person


2 || The Mean Person

Yes, you read right! We all need such people in our lives, albeit, for a limited time. Some people come into our lives to teach us lessons, to make us stronger and to toughen our skins. Embrace their presence in your life, learn how to deal with them, how to set boundaries, and how to get rid of them when the need for them expires.


3 || The Wise One

Consider yourself lucky if you have a wise friend. This friend will listen to you intently and offer the right perspective and advice. Their knowledge and their wisdom have taken them through so much and they are ready to tackle anything. They will help you organise your thoughts, look at matters from different angles and though they may not tell you what you need to do but they will defintely lead you to it.


People You Need


4 || The Pusher

If you’re anything like me then you definitely need this person in your life. Someone to take initiative, push you forward, challenge and motivate you. Whether you need this person for real-life issues or only for entertainment purposes, this is the person to call when you need a shove!


People You Need


5 || The Social Butterfly

So if you are not one yourself then you definitely need one. The social butterfly will take you to events, will introduce you to people, will start conversations, will make plans and will help you with your networking. This one never tires.


People You Need


6 || The Mentor

This is your successful friend. This is someone who has realised his goals, knows what he wants from life and is working his way to get there. They are the disciplined ones who have a lot to teach you. So keep your eyes and ears peeled when you’re around them.


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7 || The Analyst

This is the person that can analyse EVERYTHING! However, aim to harness their powers of analysis to help when you need to make important decisions or when you simply need a different perspective.


People You Need