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Zein’s Six || The Six Persons That Left A Footprint on My Life

Footprint on Zein Life

1 || The King Of Pop

Micheal Jackson’s musical influence on subsequent artists is simply unavoidable, from his immediate followers like Madonna and Bobby Brown, to later stars like Usher and Justin Timberlake. His videos like Thriller and Bad were more than just great art. It was a new art form. It was cinematic, but not a movie. There were elements of live performance, but it was nothing like a concert. A seamless mix of song and dance that wasn’t cheesy like Broadway, it was on TV but wildly different from anything people had ever seen on a screen. I remember clearly me and my brother watching the videos every single day after school and trying to imitate his moves. I still listen to MJ almost everyday and I can sing along with most of his lyrics, and I know exactly when he “Shamon”!


Micheal Jackson's


2 || Mark Twain

Remember The Prince and The Pauper? That was the first novel I had to read in school. I loved Tom Canty; the poor boy in the London slums. The Adventures of Tom Swayer was also something I used to watch on daily basis after school. Sawyer’s adventurous and playful summer shenanigans of carefree youth is still engraved in my memory till today and allowed me to dream to be as vivacious and have my own dauntless childhood.

Twain’s works wasn’t just texts and written artifacts. His humor, wit, critical eye, and ear, of social observation and political injustices left a mark in the American Literature and was passed on to younger generations and made us aware of realities we were not familiar with.


Mark Twain


3 || Micheal Jordan

I used to be in the school’s basketball team. I still collect Chicago Bulls jerseys with the number 23 on the back. MJ once said: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”; a quote I live and aspire by. Space Jam and the Tune Squad were definitely a big part of my childhood memory.

He also became an idol to many people, especially to kids and teens, giving a reason to follow his footsteps of becoming a great basketball star. He went out there and played for the “Dream Team,” a basketball team for the Olympics. The team obtained the gold medals with ease. Watching Jordan play and seeing how great he was, influenced not only me but many generations around the world. Today, I am a long distance runner and a cyclist, and his videos and quotes are constantly on my search tab history because he is an inspiration and he definitely did create history.


Micheal Jordan


4 || Sophia Loren

Looking back at the epitome of beauty and glamor; Sophia Loren and her legendary style is not to be forgotten. I remember growing up my father used to always admire her beauty; that glossy olive complexion, perfectly pigmented lips and a flawless cat eyes. Also lot of people when they first meet my mother they resembled her to Sophia Loren and her natural striking beauty.

When internet boomed in the 90s, I was researching Sophia Loren’s pictures because I was so curious to know who is that award winningItalian beauty icon that my father always talks about and my mother looks like?

Sophia’s dewy complexion has always been quite the beauty talking point, but she surprised everyone when she credited her great skin to extra virgin olive oil. As a true Italian, it was consistently present in her diet. She admittedly consumed over two teaspoons a day. Funny enough, my mother used to do the same, and she still does until this day!


Sophia Loren


5 || Late King Hussein Bin Talal

King Hussein was a true king; he ruled from his heart. He was humble, brave, and a well-spoken peacemaker thatwas acknowledged as oneof the most important figures in the turbulent history of the Middle East. I remember growing up when my parents would watch the 8.00pm news, I was always mesmerized by his public speaking stance; he would take ample time before heuttered a sentence, making sure it was well constructed and meaningful.

He was a charismatic ruler and a master of realpolitik.Throughout his reign, King Hussein worked hard at building our country and raising the living standard of each and every Jordanian. He focused on building an economic and industrial infrastructure that would compliment and enhance the advances he wanted to achieve in the quality of life of his people.

February 7th, 1999 was a day where an extraordinary array of presidents, prime ministers and princes from all over the world gathered in Jordan to mourn for the loss of King Hussein. My family and I were amongst the hundreds of Jordanians standing in the streets to pay our last respects while the king’s coffin was driven through Amman before his body was laid to rest in the royal cemetery.


King Hussein Bin Talal


6 || My Backbone

My Mother. I do not know where to begin, and will not turn this into a cheesy love letter. But I am the person I am today because of her. Being a hard working person is a quality that my mom has always instilled in me. She was a staff nurse at the King Hussein Medical Center so she had late night shifts some days, yetshe was always standing amongst the crowd cheering for me as I dribbled through my basketball games or when I was sprinting down the straightaway during a race. It’s because of her work ethic and her influence that I always strived to be a better person, athlete, student, and today a better nutritionist.

My father had heart problems growing up so she always made sure we all got the best nutrition and the most whole and organic produce she could get her hands on. She educated us on the importance of health and nutrition every since we were in school. She even planted her own cucumber, parsley, peach, and strawberries.

My interest and love for nutrition goes back to her. It is because of Norma that I am constantly inspired, daring, and firmly believe that when there is a will, there is a way.


Footprint on Zein Life


Zein Nimri is an AFPA certified sports nutritionist, NESTA kids nutritionist, long distance runner, cyclist and traveller with big dreams. Follow her on Instagram @Zeinutritionist