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11 Motivation Hacks To Help You Reach Your Goals!

Motivation hacks

Deciding to change or to adopt a new habit is easy. Think of the tens of new year’s resolutions that we’ve wasted over the years! Let’s give an obvious example, say you decide to start exercising; you actually join a gym, you shop for new gymwear, and you start attending classes and all. But then a few weeks later you start making up excuses to skip, and in no time this new habit of yours falls through. Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? We need motivation and a continuous source at that, unfortunately this is not how things works. There is some work to be done to sustain and renew your motivation, and below are eleven motivation hacks to fall back on when you need this extra little push.


Motivation hacks


1 || Outsource It

One of the best ways to commit yourself is to outsource your commitment by finding apps that can help you do that such as the Pact app fro iPhone. Some apps will help you commit to your goals by involving money; and we all know what a huge motivator money is. IF you check in with the app you earn money, if not you will have to pay a certain sum.


2 || Announce Your Goals

I know this sounds difficult for some people, but when people know you are working towards a certain goal they will push and prod you during difficult times. So don’t be afraid to announce your goals.


3 || Get A Buddy

Wether it’s a workout buddy or an abstinent buddy; getting yourself a friend who shares your goals will ensure that you both stay on track.


Motivation hacks


4 || The More The Merrier

Following on the point above; you can take it further and join a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards the same goal. This will help in fostering healthy competition, will make you feel that you are not alone in doing this, and the group will definitely offer unparalleled help and support.


5 || Follow The Quote

Positive inspiring quotes can be one of the easiest tools of motivation. Follow the right accounts on either Instagram or any other social media platform for inspiration.


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6 || Chart Your Progress

An important aspect of reaching a certain goal is to chart your progress. Wether your goal is weight loss and exercise, to take up meditation, or to read more; recording your progress is a great way to stay motivated when you realise you’ve come this far.


7 || Journal It

When the going gets tough and you find it’s getting more difficult for you to commit and you can’t say it out loud …tell it to your journal. Pouring out your feelings on paper is what you need to do when you  need some venting and self-discovery, and it serves as a great motivational tool.


Motivation hacks


8 || Make It Visual

Let’s say your goal is weight loss, having a photo or an image of your end goal is a wonderful motivator. Some people actually do vision boards for some goals they want to reach; not only is it a fun and creative exercise, but the board will serve as a visual reminder of what you want to achieve.


9 || Find The Joy & Acceptance

Make sure to pair your goal with joyful moments. IF you love your music, then make sure to update your playlist for exercising. When you accept the tasks you need to do and manage to find some aspects of joy in them then you’re more likely to stay committed.


Motivation hacks


10||  Assess & Reassess

As you are working towards your goal make it a point to assess your progress and check if your actions are still in alignment with the end goal. You may need to make some adjustments along the way.


11||  Failure Is Not An Option

Make yourself understand that failure is not an option, and if you fail then you’re doing things wrong. There is always a way towards your goal, make sure you find the right path. There are always lessons learnt.


Motivation hacks