What Is The Bulletproof Diet And Why You Should Take It Into Consideration

Bulletproof Diet

In a nutshell, the Bulletproof Diet is as close as you can get to acquiring Bradley Cooper’s brain powers in ‘Limitless’.. And just in case you haven’t watched the 2011 Sci-Fi thriller it tells the story of how Eddie (Bradley Cooper) is given a drug that enhances mental acuity and leads him to the top of his game.. Limitless brain power, unparalleled energy, increased mental focus and genius problem-solving abilities.. Hollywood drama indeed.. But what if we are here to tell you today that there is a proven diet that can deliver similar effects and that it is easily incorporated within your lifestyle?

Many of us long for increased energy levels, when you come to think about it, it’s not only physical energy that we tend to thrive for, it’s mental energy and focus that sometimes bans us from optimal performance..There’s a much quicker solution. No complicated rules or concepts to memorize. Just some simple principles that guide you to feeling better than ever. Read along and alter your quality of life while annihilating all culprits that impel you to say ; ‘I can’t, I’m mentally drained!’ 


What Is The Bulletproof Diet?

The Bulletproof Diet is a way of eating that supports fat loss and muscle maintenance, all while lowering inflammation. Balancing blood sugar and hormones, plus increasing your energy levels and cognitive function are other benefits you reap from such a diet.

On the Bulletproof Diet, you’ll eat fewer carbs, plenty of healthy fats, and more vegetables than you ever thought you could eat. Because you’re eating better than you ever have, you’ll never count calories or macros, and you won’t experience cravings and distraction. Sounds like the best case scenario!


Bulletproof Diet


Moreover, the Bulletproof Diet helps people lose up to a pound a day and feel better than ever by gaining incredible levels of energy and focus. And it’s all rooted in one core principle: Learning how to effectively fuel your brain and body, while ridding your life of the toxins and bad habits that are holding you back.

Bottom line, below are the gains that people have noticed while on the Bulletproof Diet, by focusing on eating high-quality, nutrient-dense foods that fueled their body;

# More energy

# Better focus and concentration

# Fat loss

# Muscle gain

# Better mood

# Increase in overall happiness

# No more food cravings

# Better performance at work

The cherry on top? You can gradually incorporate this type of diet into your lifestyle, meaning you can slowly introduce changes rather than starting off cold turkey..


Bulletproof Diet


For Best Results?

Infuse your Bulletproof Diet with Intermittent fasting and ketogenic dieting.. Intermittent fasting is when you eat your calories for the day in a shortened window of time, and ketosis provides steady energy for your body; no crashes, no hangry feelings ( the feelings of both anger and hunger), no distraction, no slumps.


How to Start The Bulletproof Diet..

1 || Eliminate sugar

Eliminating sugar makes a massive impact on how you feel. Since sugar has the same addictive qualities as drugs and alcohol, giving it up early on makes every step after that easier.


2 || Replace sugar with the right fats

Replacing sugary foods with healthy fats like grass-fed butter, ghee, Brain Octane Oil, avocado, cocoa butter, and olive oil reduces cravings and gives you more energy.


3 || Switch to grass-fed meat and wild caught seafood

The Bulletproof Diet aims to keep toxins low, so the quality of your food matters. Choose pastured, grass-fed meat like beef, lamb, and bison. Pastured eggs, pork, chicken, turkey, and duck also make good clean sources of protein. Make sure your fish is wild – never farmed!


4 || Remove grains and gluten

Wheat is a particularly important grain to avoid because of the many negative effects of gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains. This category also includes corn, oats, barley, and other cereal grains.


5 || Eliminate synthetic additives, colorings, and flavorings

Your food should be made of food. Avoid ingredients like aspartame, MSG, dyes, and artificial flavorings.


Bulletproof Diet


6 || Eliminate legumes

Peanuts, beans, and lentils cause inflammation, especially if you’re sensitive to them.


7 || Remove all processed, homogenized, and pasteurized dairy

Most dairy products contain casein and lactose, two compounds that cause inflammation and digestive distress in many people. Grass-fed butter has much lower levels of casein and lactose because of the churning process, which removes the buttermilk from the butterfat. Most people feel a lot better removing milk, cheese, and other dairy products entirely, but if you want to keep some dairy products, opt for full-fat, raw dairy from grass-fed cows.


8 || Switch to organic fruits and vegetables

Avoiding insecticides and herbicides goes a long way. Some plants have higher levels of residues than others.


9 || Cook your food gently, if at all

Smoking, frying, and grilling can damage the proteins in your meat and produce carcinogens that adhere to the surface. Best to cook your food slow and low, at or under about 320°F. Do not use microwaves or fry your food.


10 || Limit fruit consumption to 1-2 servings per day

Start thinking of fruits and vegetables as separate categories. Fruits, especially deeply colored fruits like berries, are packed with nutrients. The difference is, fruits contain a sugar called fructose that is more harmful to the body than table sugar. To get the polyphenols and nutrients from fruits without a fructose surge, choose low-fructose fruits like berries and lemons over higher sugar fruits like watermelon and apples.


Bulletproof Diet