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Cleanse Your Energy Before Bed With This Beautiful Ritual!

energy cleansea

You do not have to be a healer or an energy expert to adopt certain bedtime rituals if you want a life of abundant energy and peace. It has become exceedingly clear in recent years that the health of our energy has to be protected and maintained just like we look after our physical health and hygiene. An energy healer once told us that just like her bedtime routine consists of washing up, brushing her teeth and applying her nighttime skincare, it also includes a fundamental energy cleanse to wash away the heavy energy buildup that has accumulated during the past 24 hours. Therefore cleansing your aura should become a part of your nighttime ritual. Read below for this very simple yet very effective exercise that can help you restore and rebalance your energy every night.

If you try to visualise your aura, think of an egg-shaped energy field surrounding your body that can get affected by all sorts of positive and/or negative vibrations that you pick up from people, places and situations during the day. This energy field has to be cleared up and cleansed before your head hits the pillow at night. Thus, before you go to sleep sit for five minutes and go through the following steps to cleanse your aura and return to your balance.


energy cleansea


#1 Sit in a comfortable quiet place and light up your favourite candle or incense (optional).

#2 Take five deep breaths though your nose and exhale through your mouth.

#3 Choose a favourite color and start to imagine that this beautiful color is surrounding you from all directions. Imagine yourself immersed in a bubble of this color. Now imagine this color moving inside and through your body starting at the crown of your head towards the tips of your toes and while it moves through you, imagine it lighting up all the tissues and organs in your body.


energy cleansea


#4 Now you can start regaining your energy back by visualising yourself unhooking and untangling your energy from anything that drains it, be it places, people, or situations. Literally imagine fishhooks releasing all the stressful things you were in contact with during your day.

#5 Feel your energy return back to you, and as you do, imagine washing it in the healing light that is moving through you and around you. Now your energy should start to feel lighter and thus your body, mind and spirit will also lighten up.

#6 Once you start feeling the rebalancing of your energy, it’s time to imagine another color of light (many prefer white) going through your body. Visualise this energetic light moving from the top of your head to the tips of your toes as well. This last shower of light has strengthened and cleared your energy field from all toxins and negative vibrations.


energy cleansea


Now you can rest assured that when you wake up the next morning, you will be visibly recharged and ready to face the world with all its vibrations. Practice this on daily basis and you are promised to look and feel much positivity, energy, and light.