You Need to POP into Shams’ Spring Pop Up

Shams’ Spring Pop Up

If you find yourself standing by Books@Cafe in Abdoun scratching your head, feeling a little panicked about the disappearance of your favorite shop, relax ! Shams shop has relocated to Downtown Amman, and it feels like it has simply come home… It’s original concept so well suited to the unique environment which is Rainbow street and beyond.

The Shams Shop has sprung up at Beit Shams for the month of March, before locating to its new home down the road. As their slogan says, ‘the same shop you love, just bigger, better and brighter than ever’. That’s pretty much how I felt about the whole Beit Shams concept, each time I go it has grown bigger and almost brighter. But that’s a story for another day…

As I get the walk around the Shams Pop Up I feel like I need to broadcast it to the world. The eclectic collection of home accessories from both Jordan and the world fabulously miss-matched to the fashion pieces on show. The cherry on top, the plants and flowers that breathe life into the pop up. The Shams Spring pop up has a pretty impressive selection of items, something will certainly tickle your fancy or that of your loved one. It’s also a great place to go for inspiration. Maha’s trademark shabby chic aesthetic is tantalizing to the senses. I am willing to bet you will come out with great items and some bright ideas too.

Shams Spring Pop Up Store will be open for the month of March at Beit Shams, Shams El Balad Cafe, 69 Bldg, Mu’ath bin Jabal Street. For orders : 0799085408 / 065933457