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“We Make A Living By What We Get. We Make A Life By What We Give” Winston S. Churchill


   There has never been greatness without goodness, neither was there compassion with the absence of a kind gesture reaching out to heal.. That’s where Himmetna initiative stems from. A mighty cause that aims for upgrading and renovating the poorly equipped cancer department at Al Bashir Hospital in Amman Jordan..

It all started when one of the leading women in Himmetna initiative, Dr. Fadia Samara, Secretary General of the Patient Protection Coalition -and also part of The Friends of Cancer Society-  paid a visit to Al Bashir Hospital. At the cancer department in one of the isolation rooms resided a 30-year old cancer patient. A completely run-down, grim and worn-out setting was very severe for Fadia to overpass. Adding insult to injury, the young patient’s desperate appeal of his firm will to just die was the last straw.. 

Along with Mrs. Areej Al Khatib (the interior designer) and Mrs. Leila Attallah (the cancer survivor) , Fadia’s campaign,  Himmetna, came to life.. A voluntary campaign aiming at rehabilitating and renovating the ill-equipped oncology department at Al Bashir Hospital (the biggest governmental hospital in Jordan). The campaign aims to offer the less fortunate cancer patients the opportunity to access optimum treatment in a safe environment in accordance with internationally recognized health standards. Three devoted women with a strong will to make substantial difference fed this completely selfless movement. 


himmetna jordan


The first of its kind, Himmetna serves the underprivileged cancer patients who are insured by Jordan Ministry of Health and who do not qualify for government exemption for receiving treatment at King Hussein Cancer Center. 

Himmetna aims to rehabilitate and fully renovate the oncology department (1000 square meter, 30 beds) at Al Bashir Hospital with the support of civil society organizations, national companies, business owners and individual initiatives. 


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This campaign has obtained all official approvals from the concerned authorities and is subject to direct supervision by the Ministry of Social Development.  It is agreed upon with the government and the Ministry of Health that the ministry will provide qualified and well trained health and medical staff / or will contract with King Hussein Cancer Center to manage the department.

So far, the design stage of the project is completed, the civil work started in January 2019 and currently the electromechanical contractor is working on the infrastructure . The design drawings (medical planning, architectural and structural, interior  design, electrical and mechanical) were donated as well as workmanship and civil work raw materials. Currently in the process for raising donations for medical equipment, furniture and supplies.

Himmetna calls out for everyone, be it a major or a modest contribution, every single penny will find its way to make a difference.. You too can be part of this cause by contributing, spreading the word and supporting this campaign. 

For more information please call : 0791316666.


himmetna jordan
himmetna jordan
himmetna jordan
himmetna jordan
himmetna jordan
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