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10 Tips To Help You Detox And De-Clutter Your Brain Today!

Detox your brain

The month of January is all about detoxing from all the dinners and partying you have seriously indulged in during the previous month. Detoxing, however, is not just for the body as I’m sure you know. Self-care requires you to detox your mental, emotional, and psychological bodies as well. Detoxing these aspects of yourself may seem like such a grand plan but it’s not! All it takes is for you to get a little curious about your thoughts and feelings, and about your intentions, needs and even dreams. Below are a few tips to guide your spiritual and psychological detox and to help you emerge much stronger on the other side.


Detox your brain


1 || What am I worried about today?

Yes that dreaded question is a daily practice isn’t? Listing your worries on paper or on your journal will not only help you purge them out of your system, but can also help you put things into a better perspective. Listing your worries will allow you to prioritise them and to start tackling them one by one. You’ll even be shocked to discover that some of them may not bother you as much!


2 || What am I feeling right now?

Take stock of your feelings. Now go back a step and remember what made you feel that way! When you retrace your feelings you will discover that they all stem from certain thoughts that may not necessarily be true. Our thoughts are not us, if we manage to keep remembering this tiny little concept our feelings will become so much more manageable. We are not saying to completely disregard how you feel, but a lot of the times when you’re feeling down for no apparent reason, retracing your thoughts will make you realise that your feelings are overrated.


3 || Notice any sensations in your body?

Is your throat tight? Or are your eyebrows feeling heavy? Believe it or not, these physical sensations are all tied to some emotional aspect. All those unresolved thoughts in your mind are creating this tightness in your eyebrows, while all unexpressed thoughts and emotions will constrict your throat and chest. OF course we all know what it means when our stomachs feel queasy. So pay attention to all those physical sensations, learn more about them and aim to resolve the underlying issues connected to them.


Detox your brain


4 || Did I learn anything new today?

Part of detoxing your brain is related to helping it become more malleable and flexible. Maintaining a young brain for longer is all about the purging of the old and bringing in the new. Aim to learn one new thing each day, be it on a podcast or a YouTube video, learning a new language or a craft, or even learning one small new word each day. Research proves that you can even ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s by training your brain to learn new things.


5 || How can I start my mornings and end my nights?

By tuning in to yourself. Journal, meditate, do some visualisation or simply do some breathing or a few stretches. Listen to classical music, pray, and exercise. Alone time is crucial to your emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing; do whatever’s needed to get you started on the right foot in the morning, and to help you unwind at night.


6 || What smells do I want around me?

You do not have to become an expert in aromatherapy to figure out what your needs are. Craving the smell of peppermint or something citrusy? It could be that your energy feels a bit lacking. Whereas if you crave lavender or vanilla you’re in some need of relaxation. Be attuned to what your senses tell you and do your research as to what these sensory requests are.


Detox your brain


7 || Do I need to quit or cut down on anything?

Be it smoking, social media, or saying yes to everything; there is always a vice that you need to be made aware of. Notice and track your habits, and have a plan of action in place. Replace a bad habit with a positive one because bad habits tend to stick and the only way to let them go is to replace them.


8 || Are you inviting more joy into your life?

Or are you simply existing? Notice when was the last time you had a proper laugh or had the most fun. When were you last inspired, or motivated to create? Chase opportunities that help you create more laughter, fun, and simply more joy in your life. Avoid activities that can only help you escape, and embrace the activities that get your adrenaline rushing and your dopamine pumping. Join an art class or a book club, watch a funny movie or play board games with friends. Make every moment count and don’t accept to simply exist.


Detox your brain


9 || What am I envious of?

Feeling jealous or envy is actually a good thing; don’t judge yourself for it. In fact, consider it a learning and growth opportunity. They say follow your envy for it leads you to what your heart desires. Once you know what your heart desires, all you need to do is to focus your attention and intention on that desire so that you can attract what needs to grow it.


10|| What have I been day-dreaming about?

We all indulge in a bit of day-dreaming. If you’re indulgence lingers then it’s probably time to do something about it. If it’s doable, work on it. If it’s not, either drop it or learn from it just don’t allow it to become an obsession and to waste previous brain cells.


Detox your brain


Paying attention to the little tiny details that we so often overlook, will give us valuable insight to our mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Take small steps today to detox, declutter, and to nurture your brain to pave the way for a healthier happier YOU this year.