The Secret To Postpartum Fitness According To Fitness Entrepreneur || Maya Nassar

Secret to Fitness

Losing the pregnancy weight is one of the most controversial topics around the world. Many women find it hard as they can’t seem to lose the extra pregnancy weight after the delivery. When can a woman start exercising after giving birth? How many times per day? What are the snacks that should be consumed by her? Many frequently asked questions are answered today by the international fitness model and entrepreneur Maya Nassar as she explains Fitness Postpartum!

As a general rule, if the woman had given a natural birth, she can start exercising after 6 weeks of delivery, however if she had to go through C-section, it’s best to weight for 8 weeks (2 months) to start exercising” says Maya who emphasizes on the importance of having a doctor’s clearance before proceeding with any workout. “In case a woman has some medical complications, she might have to wait longer than the general period of time.


As many ladies tend to exercise aggressively postpartum, what does Maya advise?

First of all, it’s best to start slowly and gently. And as the intensity of the workout increases on a weekly basis, the lady should follow a sustainable plan that can be endured on the long run. Along with a well-balanced diet, women should find time for themselves. For example, if the lady is not a morning person, it’s best not to follow a plan where the workout must be done in the morning. If she’s a working mom, she can exercise during her lunch break” says Maya. In other words, it’s primordial to organize a schedule that can be followed throughout the days.

Moreover, Maya believes that consulting a professional is always the best way to lose the pregnancy weight. “It is not quite advisable to follow random plans and diets online. I recommend to sit with someone who can create a plan that suits you only” she adds. Besides, losing the pregnancy weight is a journey that needs patience and consistency. Women need at least a year to get back in shape, therefore “the final step to fitness postpartum is to be quite consistent and patient” Maya believes.


In parallel to respecting a balanced exercise plan, women should also follow an efficient diet plan. What does Maya recommend for snacks?

Ladies should consume all types of food groups, nutrients and vitamins. For instance, they can have protein shakes, boiled eggs, 0 fat yogurt, rice cakes (25-30 calories per each) with a topping of 0 fat peanut butter or a slice of turkey and even 0 fat cheese. These snacks are easy to take around with you especially if you’re a working mom with a few to no time to cook!” says Maya.

It’s true that losing weight takes time, but there are some secrets that can help you achieve your goal! Maya Nassar emphasizes on the fact that one should be very committed. “The frequency of exercise should be high. Working out once or twice a week are not enough. We need to make it happen from 4 to 5 times weekly because they make you more active which burns more calories” says Maya. “As you introduce new types of exercises to your body from one session to another, you increase the intensity of your workout which helps you lose more weight.

In addition to being consistent, there are a few tricks that can accelerate the speed of losing the pregnancy weight. Maya explains that “lifting weights will definitely increase the fat loss. By doing so, the lady will have muscle mass, and the more muscle she has, the more she boosts her metabolism and burn calories even when she’s not exercising”. When we combine the cardio workout with weight lifting, this will shape our body: our muscles will become hard, core and abs will show more!

Now we know that losing weight can be mentally draining. However, Maya has some tips on how women can work on their mental health and attitude during this period.

It’s really important to think about the benefits and consider exercising as an investment in themselves. Women have to realize that eventually the hard work will pay off. They will feel happier and less stressed indeed! A new mom might have a lot of stress in her life and there’s only one way to guarantee happiness around the baby by working out and taking a time for herself where she escapes her social life and enjoys the moment to feel good about herself!” explains Maya.

The international fitness model advises all the ladies not to get pregnant with the next baby until they have lost the pregnancy weight. Knowing that getting in shape postpartum is not an easy procedure, Maya Nassar believes that it’s all about the attitude. Being consistent, patient and hardworking will get you your fitness back in no time!