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11 Small Habits To Help You Become A High Achiever!


If you think high achievers have different genes than the rest of us think again. The high achievers always baffle us for they seem to be on top of everything despite their super-busy schedules, they always seem so calm and collected, and they get things done. How is that possible? Allow me to let you in on a little secret….it’s all in the little daily habits! Below is a list of the habits that high achievers swear by. Choose the ones that can best help you and start incorporating them in your daily routine slowly but surely. They say a habit needs 21 days to stick, we say it could take a bit longer so PERSEVERE!


1 || The One-Minute Rule

Possibly one of the best productivity tips around is that if a task will take you one minute to do then tackle it at once. With time you will be amazed at how this one little habit will help you become more efficient and eventually more focused on the bigger stuff.


2 || Say No A LOT

Practice letting people down easy so that you can have more time and energy to dedicate to the things that matter. Always think of what you’re about to give up and see if it’s worth your time and effort, and think of what you could be doing instead!




3 || Journalling

Use a journal to reflect on your day, to record your feelings, to see if there are any lessons learnt, and to foster the habit of gratitude. Journalling not only raises your dopamine levels as you jot down your achievements, it works as a stress release when you write down your feelings, and also works on helping you get to know yourself better.


4 || Maintain Your Positive Vibes

Two small steps can help you maintain your positive vibes throughout the day. Listen to your favourite music or to motivational podcasts when you’re driving your car in the morning. At night, learn to unwind by dedicating just a few minutes to reading. Diversify your reading genres by including books on self-help, spirituality, business, and any other topic that your brain hungers for.


5 || Self-Care

This is becoming the buzziest word of the year and for good reason. If you don’t build in some downtime in your schedule for self-care you risk burnout and the struggle is real. Self-care can be anything from luxuriating in an aromatherapy bath, to going for a massage or even a short walk.




6 || Foster Connections

Build the habit of taking a few minutes out of your day for making an enriching phone call to someone you don’t regularly interact with, or go out for coffee with someone outside your bubble. It could be someone whom you know on a personal level or professionally… you won’t believe how valuable this habit is.


7 || Learn Something New Each day

Make it a habit to learn something new each day. Be it learning a new word, watching a 5-minute You Tube video, or taking a couple of minutes to research something you’re interested in. Building knowledge and becoming an all-rounded person only takes a few minutes of your time.


8 || Become A Pro At Managing Your To-Do List

Learn to set aside a few minutes at the end of your day to write down your tasks for the following day in their order of importance. Assign an estimated amount of time for each task. Check your calendar to incorporate these tasks with ease. Do this again at the end of the day only this time check if you’ve been successful and see where you can do better. Don’t forget to include self-care in your to-do list.




9 || Take Up Meditation

Whether you do a guided mediation on an app or you simply breathe mindfully for a few minutes, taking up meditation has countless benefits on your energy and concentration levels as well as greatly taking down your anxiety levels. Start small and build it up.


10|| Be Here NOW

This is about staying present and in-the-moment. Learn to focus on your tasks wholeheartedly and to avoid any distractions. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, or home with your family, be present where you are and block out everything else.


11||  Wake up Earlier

For some reason it feels like time moves a little slower in the early morning! The early birds out there will surely agree!  Though it may sound hard but it’s not; train yourself to wake up 15-30 minutes earlier than your usual time. You will be amazed at the amount of things you can do with that extra bit of time.