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The One Habit That Changed Jennifer Aniston’s Wellness Game

When Jennifer Aniston says something about wellness we take notes. One look at her 52-years-old pictures and you will understand what “aging gracefully” actually means.

After all, her mother was a wellness freak so she has no other option but to be one, she explains:

“My mom was a real wellness freak, a health fanatic to an annoying point,” says Aniston. “I didn’t have anything fun in my house ever, and my friends would come over and be like, ‘What is this sprouted bread cardboard thing?’ So I didn’t have a lot of friends come over to eat.”

Jennifer claims that adding a scoop or two of collagen powder to her routine has transformed her morning cup of coffee… Since her doctor recommended her incorporating collagen peptides into her diet, Jennifer has become a dedicated consumer.

While the efficacy of ingesting collagen was always a controversial topic, some studies have shown improvement in skin, nails, joints, and bone health when taking collagen peptides consistently.

Regardless, when Jen says she has noticed results in less than two months, there is just something about these pwoders!

“I’ve noticed such a difference in my workouts, my endurance, my skin.”

Some other benefits of taking collagen include; improving skin elasticity, improving nail and hair health, recovering lost cartilage tissue, which can help arthritis symptoms, increasing bone mineral density in postmenopausal women, bone loss prevention, wound healing, and enhancing muscle mass.

Collagen is generally safe and most people don’t experience adverse side effects from taking supplements. But like any supplement, it is better to check with your doctor before taking it.