10 Beauty Books Every Beauty Enthusiast Must Have

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1 || Great Hair Days & How To Have Them

Great Hair Days & How To Have Them
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Victoria Beckham’s foreword in this new book will convince you, will dissect the secrets to effortless hair and how to recreate that enviable French girl hair.. An ideal mix of aspiration and practical application. From essential tips for keeping your hair in good nick to where to find the best hair inspiration on Instagram, this is your new hair bible.


2 || Skin Cleanse

Skin Cleanse
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A resourceful book that can help you pinpoint the cause of of your skin issues. The author, Adina Grigore, is the founder of S.W. Basics, and cured her own sensitive skin by eliminating topical and dietary triggers. The chapter on toxic ingredients and will open your eyes, and there are some great DIY recipes for safer products. She considers the inside to be as important as the outside, so there’s also advice on foods to avoid and how to nourish your skin from within.


3 || Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance

Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance
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Nadine Artemis is an essential oil guru, simplifying your self-care routine by turning to nature is her motto, she offers specific plant-based recommendations for treating skin conditions like keratosis pilaris. Artemis’s writing is passionate and she is the perfect guide to take you to the heart of botanical beauty. The book covers topics like diet, dental care, and general body care.


4 || Ageless Beauty the French Way

Ageless Beauty the French Way
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French women look so well-preserved, Clemence von Meuffling, who earned her stripes at major French beauty houses like Puig and Dior, divulges some family secrets in her new book. Both her mother and grandmother were former beauty editors at French Vogue, and they offer their own advice spanning skincare, beauty, and hair.


5 || Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look At The Beauty Products That Changed The World

A Personal Look At The Beauty Products That Changed The World
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Journalist and make-up guru Sali Hughes proves that beauty can actually be a poignant concept. It’s filled to bursting with funny and warm anecdotes that you can really identify with, including how MAC’s Spice Lip Liner accompanied her to raves, gigs and on dates and her long-standing relationship with the one and only Chanel No.5.


6 || The Skin Nerd

The Skin Nerd
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The skin is an organ and should be respected accordingly.

Jennifer Rock, a.k.a. The Skin Nerd thinks that we should feed our skin, shield it, and give it all the care and attention it needs and deserves. Filled with passion, knowledge and expertise she has gathered over her extensive career to bring you the essential guide to healthy skin. Written with humor and honesty, with nerd-isms galore, this book is jam-packed with ‘skin-formation’ and advice to educate you about your skin needs at every stage of your life.


7 || Reverse the Signs of Ageing

Reverse the Signs of Ageing
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Good genes alone are not the free ticket to flawless, glowing skin, it’s what you do that really counts. The truth to spectacular skin at any age is an inside-out approach that’s realistic, easy to adopt, and achieves remarkable results. Dr Nigma Talib has been solving skin problems for years, and answering the million dollar question, ‘what can I do to look and feel younger?’ From every day patients Nigma has seen the powerful results of her inside-out approach that starts with the gut. Youthful-looking skin throughout a 360-degree guide that everyone can adopt into their everyday life is what you will get…


8 || The Skincare Bible:Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin

The Skincare Bible:Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin
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Dr. Anjali Mahto revealed that she was going to put everything she knows into a book. With it’s Instagrammable, millennial pink cover, The Skincare Bible is the next best thing to actually sitting opposite Dr. Anjali and talking to her yourself. It snuffs out skin myths, breaks down the skincare ingredients you’ve never understood, offers up uncomplicated morning and night-time routines and covers all manner of skin complaints, including acne, rosacea and pigmentation.


9 || The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef
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Beauty is more than skin-deep, it comes from within, more precisely from the gut.. A well-balanced gut bacteria can be the answer to glowing health and beauty. In The Beauty Chef Carla Oates, combines the joy of cooking with the science of nutrition, offering you glowing skin and optimum gut health.


10 || Look Great Not Done The Art & Science of Ageing Well

Look Great Not Done The Art & Science of Ageing Well
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Dermatologist Dr. Stefanie Williams says that if you can tell that someone has had something ‘done’, then it has been done badly. Enter Look Great, Not Done! Practical and honest, it informs anyone thinking about undergoing an aesthetic procedure how to go about it wisely and even details Dr. Stefanie’s own experiences with them. Refreshingly, the focus isn’t on ‘anti-aging,’ but aging well.