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The 4 Day Liver Flush Detox You Need To Maintain A Healthy Life

Liver Flush Detox

Our liver is a phenomenal organ and a true hardworking hustler! This super organ manages our blood sugar levels, produces, filters, and regulates our hormones, creates bile in order to break down fats so that the body can assimilate fat-soluble vitamins, metabolizes alcohol and medications, maintains our electrolyte balance and guess what? It filters 1.4 liters of blood per minute!! If you want to maintain your energy, beautiful glowing skin and good metabolism, you need to take good care of your liver. We need to lessen its burden as much as possible because toxins are more prevalent than ever before in this age and time.


Liver Flush Detox


Detoxifying the liver is an important way to help maintain the health of the body. Though there are several liver detoxes available, one that has become popular over the past several years is the olive oil and Epsom salts cleanse. Generally speaking, the need for a liver flush depends on how you treat your body day in, day out. If you eat healthy wholesome foods, exercise, stay hydrated and keep your alcohol, sugar, and processed foods intake to a minimum, you really only “need” to cleanse your liver once a year. However, if you go out often and are exposed to chemicals, and other toxins and stress more so, cleansing your liver 2-3 times a year is generally recommended. Also, if you use skincare and cosmetics that contain chemicals daily like lotions, shampoos, perfumes, foundation, etc. and you feel you always have dry skin, and crave sugar in an uncontrollable way… then this is for you!

Shopping list:

• Green whole apples

• 4 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt

• 3 cups of water

• ½ cup of virgin olive oil

• 1 large grapefruit OR 3 lemons to make at least 1/2 cup of juice


Liver Flush Detox


The Flush Protocol:

1.2 days before the flush, drink green apple juice every 2-3 waking hours, you can also eat apples as well if you desire but it isn’t necessary. This process ups the malic acid in your body which is an incredible liver detoxifier and will help ensure that you flush out more stones. If you don’t want to drink apple juice or eat apples, you can take 500mg of malic acid supplements 3 times a day with lots of water.

2. On day 3, eat a bowl of fresh fruit, doing this will increase bile accumulation in the liver. The bile increases pressure which will help eliminate more stones.

3. At 2:00pm the same day (day 3), mix 4TBs Epsom salt with 3 cups of water and store it in the fridge so it gets cold. DO NOT eat after 2:00pm or the flush will not work.

4. At 6:00pm, drink 1 cup of the Epsom salt mix. Taste is awful but its ok.. down it!

5. At 8:00pm, drink another 1 cup of Epsom salt mix. At this point you should rest and lay down.

6. At 9:45pm, juice the large grapefruit or lemon and remove all the seeds and pulp. Mix the grapefruit juice or the 3 lemons with 1/2 cup of olive oil and shake together. Drink them at 10.00pm, but down it don’t sip on it.

7. Lay down in bed on your right side (because the liver is there) with your right knee up towards your chin for 20 minutes and stay still. This is super important. Try to sleep on your right side the rest of the night. Really try not to move.

8. The next morning when you wake up, drink 1/2 cup of Epsom salt mixture and relax.

9. 2 hours later drink the last 1/2 cup of Epsom salt mixture.

10. Wait 2 hours before eating ANYTHING, not even fresh fruit after this last dose

11. Once 2 hours are up, begin with fluids or simple fruit juice. Slowly incorporate fresh fruit throughout the day, then to light meals like vegetable soups. I would suggest to keep your intake of food very light, low in fat, and plant based for the next 2 days.


Liver Flush Detox


The morning you finish the cleanse is when you can expect to experience some intestinal cleansing effects. Sometimes these symptoms can occur soon after drinking the Epsom salt mixture, other times it can take all day to feel the effects. Most people will experience some degree of diarrhea on this cleanse which is totally normal. Another aspect a lot of people experience is the elimination of gallstones. These appear as pea shaped green “stones” that may sink or float during elimination. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not these truly are gallstones and not everyone eliminates them, but one thing is clear, most everyone who has done a liver flush correctly has experienced incredible results such as clear skin, increased energy, and reduced food cravings.

To maintain a healthy liver, you need to up your potassium rich foods, leafy greens mainly and if you can juice them it would be great. Vegetables ideal for liver cleanses include cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. While that combination may not sound very yummy, you can add other vegetables that you enjoy to the mix including carrots, cucumber, and beets. Add turmeric to your food, and take milk thistle supplements. Dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect, allowing your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn, and soothe digestive upset.