Have You Tried The 5:2 Diet ?

5-2 Diet

Have You Tried the 5:2 Diet? It doesn’t work for everyone, but certainly worth a try if you really don’t like to be told what to eat and what not to eat. Actually a lot of people have a reverse reaction to restricting their choices for months on end. This diet works wonders for these sort of people. Individuals that generally know what is nutritionally right from wrong, just need some discipline to stay on track.

It will not work for people that need serious guidance in the food department, and when left to their own devices have chocolate chip cookies for lunch. The 5:2 diet encourages you to eat normally 5 days a week. As mentioned, you need to be a conscientious eater by nature. On the other two days of the week, you consume only 500 calories. The two days are yours to choose.

This concept is actually quite similar to the Islamic suggestion of fasting Mondays and Thursdays of every week. A chance to give your gut a much needed break, the 500 calorie day also considered a fast in the 5:2 diet.

If you are questioning why they choose 500 calories per day for women and 600 for men… They used the rule of thumb that women need 2000 calories and men need 2400 calories per day and on a fast day you should eat a quarter of your normal day’s recommended calories.

Again this diet is not for people that want to lose large amounts of weight, but rather maintain. When following this diet one is expected to lose an average of 0.5kg a week. Of course this will greatly depend on what you choose to consume on the five days. The suggested number of calories to be consumed on these five days is covered in detail on their dedicated website. To learn more, click here.