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The Best Yoga Instagram Accounts For At-Home Practice

As I mentioned in my previous article, yoga was my buddy during the lockdown. Why? Simply because you can easily practice at the comfort of your home, and this is the great thing about yoga. You can practice it anywhere and anytime, all you need is a minimum of ten minutes and any space. In this article, we’ve gathered for you the best yogi Instagram accounts that will inspire you in your at-home yoga journey.


1 || DownDog Yoga

This account is a great place for yoga inspiration. They schedule Livestream classes on their Instagram page to guide you in your at-home practice. You can also book one-on-one virtual sessions on their website. Enjoy!



2 || Yoga With Adriene

This one is the one I personally practice with and I am so happy about it. She has a wonderful youtube channel that has so many yoga practices for all levels whether you are a complete beginner or half-yogi 😉 What I love the most about Adriene is that she offers a 30-day yoga journies and this helps you to know what’s next and commit with her for a whole journey.



3 || Sky Ting

I love the vibes on their Instagram page. They offer great live yoga classes with their great yogis. Check their page for updated information. You can access their specialized playlist on Spotify to use during your yoga practice. Enjoy 🙂



4 || Strala Yoga

Strala Yoga is now offering a free yoga practice library that includes online training, intensives, workshops, and class videos. The studio has also utilized IGTV for breathing and meditation practices like this Shiatsu Facial video.



5 || Yoga Glo

This account is your best choice for yoga, meditation, and pilates. Their Instagram page is very refreshing and informative as they offer many tips and tricks that will help you to tackle your days in the very best way. You can access their unlimited practices with world-renowned teachers at a reasonable price. Now you can get your two weeks free trial. You’ll love how organized their website is.



6 || Gaia

Gaia is your go-to account for meditation and at-home yoga practice. Enjoy the free tips and inspirational quotes that they offer on their Instagram page. They also offer over 8,000 ad-free yoga practices and documentaries on their website. Try them for free for one week.



7 || Alomoves

Yoga brand Alo Yoga has launched Alomoves; a yoga platform that offers a lot of online yoga and meditation videos for all levels. Their Instagram page will inspire you to get up and start your practice with the best yoga teachers.



8 || Kino MacGregor

The yogi, author, and self-proclaimed beach bum hosts yoga challenges on her Instagram feed to inspire her followers to challenge themselves and increase flexibility. Her book “Get Your Yoga On” will introduce you to yoga in a great simple way.