What a Day: Women’s Day

What’s on my mind today you ask? Here goes…

A woman should be delicate and ethereal but strong enough to push a life out of her in the awesomely difficult and gritty process of childbirth …A woman should be the primary caregiver of her household and kids but if she does only that, she is lazy and if she works and delegates her household duties, she is also not upholding her duties fully!

Young women are bombarded with what is expected of them, they need to be beautiful dolls with law degrees, you can be an astronaut but make sure your highlights are in order. When a girl decides to join the football team it’s cute but careful because football will give you large calves.. A woman can be a wonderful mother, a fantastic housewife and a beautiful friend but careful not to let yourself go, cook the food but don’t eat too much of it! Change and evolution are a natural byproduct of life, not for women though, we are reprimanded when we change. How on earth is it possible for women not to change? You are a child, you turn into a hormonal teenager and then take your first steps towards being a woman while boys are still chasing cats in the playground.  

Now you are a young woman but your hormones are strong and shifting constantly and you have to figure out how to navigate them in a world where you are already being judged for just about everything. You grow up, you are in college and you have dreams, you have choices to make now, concentrate on a career path or jump into marriage? Either way you are entering into a difficult battle field. Marriage is not easy to say the least and if you go down the career path you will soon discover just how biased the work place is..

 You grow up and decide to have a family, your body has literally become a vessel and it is an extremely bumpy ride. Your brain is playing tricks, your body is expanding and changing every second and you are not you. Deal with it they say! You are a mother now, you have never known a love like this. You are told to give it your all, but don’t ignore your husband, he need affection too!

Give it your all but you now need to starve and find time to exercise, no one wants a fat wife.. Your child is growing up, you want to go back to work, give it your all but don’t be too mothery or too business womany! 2 years later, you are pregnant again… here we go again!

Your kids are older, your hormones have been doing tricks again, your body is changing … again! You don’t like what you used to like and you need something but you don’t know what it is! wow, you’ve changed they say!

And now smile, no one likes a woman who frowns!

Happy Women’s Day!

Until next time, Reality Bytes