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Do You Have Hidden Depression? Look Out For These Signs!


You flip at the slightest change of plan, disruptions to your routine would leave you reeling, and it’s difficult for you to fathom how people go about their lives without striving for absolute excellence! You’re a perfectionist that is quite clear …but what you probably didn’t know is that your perfectionism might be hiding something more sinister…. it could be a symptom of hidden depression! Perfectly hidden depression can be masked by the following perfectly normal characteristics. Read below to find them out!




1 || Perfectionism

When your highly perfectionistic nature is actually driven by a constant sense of shame and guilt then this could be a sign of something else more deeply rooted. Become more aware of what actually drives your perfectionism. If you hold yourself at extremely unattainable goals, then it’s time to reevaluate your motives and subsequently your mental health.


2 || Accepting & Expressing Painful Emotions Is Difficult For You

True, this probably comes with a certain degree of difficulty for everyone. But if you find it extremely difficult to access your feelings and to express them well let me tell you this is not very normal. If you struggle to express sadness, fear, or even happiness then it’s probably time for you to explore that with a professional.


3 || You Have A Heightened Sense of Responsibility

If you suffer from being super-responsible, coupled with a difficulty in saying no to added responsibility, then let me break it to you my friend. You may be piling on the responsibilities just so you would be too busy to have to deal with or feel the painful stuff. You need to investigate if that rings true to you.




4 || You Worry & Have Issues With Control

Because you have a great need for control, you end up being constantly worried about things going wrong. However, you are adept at masking this worry and this need for control and thus people won’t notice that about you. Beware, it is going to eventually burn you out.


5 || You’re Successful Professionally But Your Personal Relationships  – May Suffer

You are hardworking and successful on the professional front yet true intimacy eludes you. On a personal level, true intimacy will require you to show your vulnerable side and you are not comfortable with that! Hence, you may have attracted partners who struggle with intimacy or you may have partnered with people who take your giving nature and sense of responsibility for granted. You work so hard to protect the image that you have created for yourself either professionally or on the family front that it’s incomprehensible for you to reveal anything that might jeopardise the status quo.


6 || Be Wary Of Mental Health Issues Involving Control

Because you feel the safest in a controlled environment, you have to be aware of any mental health issues you may show signs of….that involve control. Be they eating disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol dependence or even medication dependence.




7 || You Over Compartmentalize

Compartmentalization is the skill involving your ability to put away your feelings until you are more able to deal with them. Be they feelings of hurt, sadness, fear or even joy. But if you may be a candidate of perfectly hidden depression then you have a tendency to rigidly over compartmentalize. You end up locking away painful feelings so that you do not have to deal with them. Be wary they will resurface sooner or later.


8 || You Are Genuinely Concerned About Others While Not Allowing Others IN

You care for others extremely well, but it is often very difficult for you to allow others to do the same for you. And it all boils down to your inability to show your vulnerable side. True you may open up to your best friend or spouse but you avoid discussions that centre around your feelings. This is very dangerous especially if you harbour suicidal thoughts and you would never think of seeking help.


9 || You Value Yourself Based On Your Accomplishments

Because you struggle to have an inner sense of self-worth, you base your self-worth on your accomplishments. You fear criticism and judgement and this is why your accomplishments mean so much to you. You’re constantly on the lookout for your next achievement.




If any of the above rings true or feels too close for comfort then you need to investigate. Seek professional help because depression is probably not something you want to deal with on your own!