The Airport Travel Survival Guide

Airport travel

No matter how excited you are about your upcoming holiday.. the airport experience will always be daunting.  We’ve compiled a few tried and tested tips to ease you through the airport during some of the busiest times of the year! Yikes..


Why Are You So Surprised? Be Prepared..

Airport travel


We all know that we need to have our liquids in a see-through bag.. We also know that we need to take our laptops out. We also need to take our shoes off, and our coats and jackets.. So why do we look so surprised and flustered each and every time.  Get organized.. place your liquids in a ziplock bag from home, and ensure that anything that needs to be pulled out is at the top of your packed carry on.


Ewww… Germs

Airport travel


Our most favorite item at the airport is our fresh Air Doctor tag. This ingenious product protects you from germs..seriously.  The only issue is that it looks exactly like a conference name tag.  Keep it tucked underneath your clothes so you don’t look like the airline’s physician.  Seriously it happened to my friend… she got around three medical requests on her way to the airplane bathroom.

Yes, Im sure you’re fresh pedicure deserves to be flaunted, but not at the airport.  The number of germs on the floor make wearing sandals and slippers prohibitive.  Slather on some cracked heel foot balm, add socks and lace-free sneakers for a clean airport experience.


You Are What You Eat

Airport travel


Im still not sure why we don’t care what we eat on airport day… It seems to be a carte blanche to eat junk.. Junk that will ultimately come out the other end, slowly and painfully… Junk food, especially if you are a careful eater in general can wreak havoc on your digestion system.  Flight, doesn’t help either, so beware of what you eat, no one wants a constipated, bloated stomach at the beach.


Comfortable Jeans and Other Clothing Myths

Airport travel


Jeans aren’t as comfortable on an airplane as denim companies will have us believe.  In fact a pair of black semi-stretchy pants are probably more so.. The culprits are two, the waistband of course and that ugly metal button that cuts into your tummy.  Secondly, the crotch is stiff.. which means that when you move around, or bend down it cuts into your privates..not cool.

Other myths include cargo jackets… believe it or not, they aren’t ideal for travel, simply because they are too heavy to carry around if it’s warm.  And if it is cool enough on the plane to wear, it doesn’t move very well.  You will most likely be sitting on its length, which is also not so comfortable if you need to reach up and adjust the air-supply vent.

As for black leggings, what seems to be the staple uniform of any traveller under the age of 30.  They may seem comfortable, but they aren’t really good for you on long trips.  Sometimes, your hidden hooha needs to be taken into consideration.  The synthetic nature of leggings means that there is almost no breathability for your intimates, add to that the fact that they are literally up your butt.. and they make for a perfect bacteria-growing environment. And it stays that way, long after you have changed..


If You Aren’t In Possession of At Least 5 Panti-liners..Go Home

Airport travel


Seriously, the alternative to changing your underwear on a flight, is merely changing your panti-liner.  The issue is with those of us that wear one and forget the rest at home.  A soiled panti-liner is much worse than a soiled panty, so ensure that they are replaced at least every two hours max.  Even if they aren’t soiled, they will be moist, this moisture is again, very bad for you, creating the perfect condition for bacteria to grow.  And trust us, the bacteria doesn’t go away once you change your panty or take a shower…


A Spa in the Clouds

Airport travel


Even if you are sitting on a cramped Ryanair flight, you can create a spa in the clouds.  Seriously when was the last time you were confined to a seat for more than a few hours?  Take advantage of this chosen confinement and slather a mask on, massage in some cuticle cream, perhaps pass on the sheet mask, but otherwise.. enjoy!


Long Pendants, Wide Sleeves and Other Airport Hazards

Airport travel


If you have ever bent down and got hit in the eye by your trés chic mega pendant on a chain then we feel ya…. Keep your necklaces short, and your sleeves narrow.  Anyone that has gotten their wide sleeve stuck in a door handle totally gets it.  Another recommendation, if you can do without shoelaces, please do.  Not only are they a complete pain at security, if they ever come undone, you run the risk of the laces getting stuck in an escalator.  Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.  Same is true of floor-skimming abayas, they too can get stuck.  It’s really quite scary.


The Love Bracelet Isn’t So Lovable at Airport Security

Airport travel


Somehow your Cartier Love bangle is not your most appreciated item as you attempt to go through the security buzzer without buzzing.  A lovely, and highly sympathetic security guard gave me a tip after my fifth attempt at passing buzz-free.. Cover your bangle with the palm of your hand.. It works!


Your Carry On Wheely Case isn’t as Practical as You Think…

Airport travel


I will admit that rolling a small case around a massive airport is a blessing.  There are two issues however.  You can’t stuff anything in it unless you stop, stoop, unzip and splay open your belongings for all the world to see.  Which basically means that you end up rolling your half empty case and a handful of shopping bags for a good 30 minutes till you find a private spot to unpack in order to pack..

Secondly, once you are on the plane there are two scenarios.. You either put your bag in the compartment above which means you need to inconvenience everyone to pull out an innocent hair brush… The other option is to put it below the seat in front of you.. Have you ever tried opening a roller bag, in that position?  It really can’t be done elegantly.

We would actually recommend a large tote (like the LV Neverfull) which you can then put your smaller handbag into.  This makes you as free as a bird, able to stuff your Neverfull for ever and ever because, well, it’s never full!  Sorry couldn’t help it…


Do You Really Need It?

Airport travel


The lure of duty-free shopping is real.  Not only have you got an inconveniently long layover to entertain, the words ‘duty-free’ are particularly enticing.  Truth is, it’s not much of a bargain if it’s going to sit in your cupboard for the next year till you use up the one you already have.  I for one am a sucker for Biotherm’s Lait Corporel Body Milk.  This best-selling product, at 35 Euro a pop is truly a steal at the duty-free.  Usually on some sort of special, I am often tempted to stock up.  The truth is, it takes me more than a year to finish one bottle, so how much do I really need?

I now venture into the duty-free with a shopping list and a cynical attitude.  If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.