What Ignites Inspiration Within You?

Courtesy of Farah Massadeh

When does inspiration hit you best? Do you feel inspired reading a book, hearing of success stories, or maybe even visualizing your own future? Many of us feel inspired in different ways. A simple task like taking a walk, listening to a podcast, or even trying something new hobby can all contribute to igniting a special emotion motivating us to reach our goals.

At times of hardships dense with a myriad of seismic affairs, inspiration has been hard to reach. Having each day share more similarities than differences has demised a prosaic individuals’ abilities to be inspired and want to create change or even take a step forward, forcing us to fall back to rock bottom. According to the center for the disease control and prevention, throughout the past year the percentage of adults reporting of recent anxiety or depression symptoms has increased by 5.1%; having it been 36.4% towards the end of 2019 and now increasing to 41.5%. Could it be a coincidence that mental difficulties have emerged in an era lacking achievement and encouragement?

Inspiration is key to developing your dreams. It allows you to accentuate and classify your goals and values. Being isnpired has the power to create new possibilities and even transform the way we see ourselves. With the halt the pandemic has brought to our daily lives came an uncontentious instantaneous rise in the power social media holds. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and even snapchat have reached their pinnacle. But an app that has greatly skyrocketed in the interim was Pintrest, the discovery platform.


Courtesy of Bea. P. Fernández

With the excess time handed to us this past year the program has acted as a podium, stimulating creativity, and handing power over to the youth to dominate the latest trends. Fashion and food, the two major F’s have never unified so well. With the emergence of Pinterest there came a scenery of creativity, colour, and crafts. The mood boards created enable each member to inspire and be inspired. Through the past year, we have seen a sporadic change in trends. Abruptly, our cravings have shifted from whipped coffee to iced matcha, banana bread was suddenly so last season that the new must bakes were macaroons and meringue, traditional jewelry wasn’t as frivolous as homemade crafty clay rings either, patterns were all the talk too.

Pinterest is not the only hub that is able to ignite inspiration. If you want to be inspired there are a handful of techniques that can play a role in realigning your passion. After all, everyone is unique in their own way. There is no intrinsic source to inspiration.

Each individual carries their own anecdotal hopes and dreams. It may be even eerie to share some with another. Your aspirations are related to you more than they are to the environment around you. They are where you want to be in the near future, what traits would you like to carry, and how you would like to be perceived as. Dreams do not attain to a specific formula, not sharing the same aspirations as your friends and family does not make yours any dubious. Visions are personalized images you enjoy seeing yourself in, in the impending future.


Courtesy of Sarabace

Visions, inspiration, and motivation are all extremely related. Inspiration may herald where a person’s dreams and desires lay. Being inspired has the power to stimulate a clear vision to be seen. We have been advised to hold a vision at some point in our life.  Whether it be the day you stepped into high school, the day you completed your degree, or even the day you of your wedding, having a vision has always dominated the list of percacious advice.

It isn’t wrong to alter your hopes and dreams from time to time. Nor is it embarrassing to have a trivial vision on your bucket list, at the end of the day your vision is tied to your own personality and nobody else is. Like many other factors, inspiration can allow you to identify the area you are most incandescent in, clarifying the path you sought to achieve. So, it is pivotal you question and inquire the areas that inspire you the most, the tasks that push you to your limits and encourage you to always to do better. At the end of the day, would you want to remain in your starting position or reach your goals?