Reap what You Sow || Thoughts in the Time of Corona

Reap what You Sow

The universe is giving us time to reassess our choices in general.  There are great big questions we are all pondering at this point.  Most important amongst these questions is of course, where do we draw the line between responsibility and convenience?

The same I suppose can be said of our lifestyle choices.  As we think of happier times, we are inevitably re-thinking our habits and choices.  Identifying the ones that came through for us, and those that were a total and complete waste of time, money and consciousness.

These revelations are extremely personal, and reflect who we are at our essence.  They may even go some ways in helping us understand our true selves, and encourage us to adopt more of what ‘works’ post-corona.  This is classic ‘reap what you sow’ scenario..  In this spirit, we have rounded up the categories in our lives that are worth assessing.. The times we are going through now have allowed us to define the true meaning of friendships, lifestyles and investments.  Let’s see how well we’ve done..


Family and Friends

Reap what You Sow


Has there ever been an easier time to understand how strong our family ties and friendships are?  This is where reap what you sow can really be applied, you simply can’t fast-track relationships…. They need to be nurtured often, in order to survive and thrive even, during times of strife.  Your state of affairs today in the friends and family category says a lot about your past behaviors and hopefully your post-corona habits as well.

Some of us find ourselves inundated with zoom call requests, others find themselves more isolated, calling on a precious few people during days that seem to go on forever.  How lonely or loved are you feeling?  What does this say of your pre-corona habits?  What do you need to adjust?

If you feel loved then you have done well..  If you don’t then there are two culprits.. Either that you haven’t spent enough time nourishing the relationships that are important to you or worse, you have spent time with all the wrong people!  The former being much easier to mend than the latter.  If you know who you love, you can now start to reach out, taking time to re-bond.  The operative word of course being, time.  These things cannot be rushed.  If however you don’t feel close to all the people that you spent massive amount for time with.. be it at society lunches or glamorous private parties, then you need to be honest with yourself and figure out what went wrong..



Reap what You Sow


Yes we are cooped up inside, but we are free to do what we want.  Not a common occurrence.  How similar are your choices today, when compared to your pre-corona life?  Some of you will realize that they do pretty much the same thing! Work (virtually), workout and of course food… Others will see a completely new side of themselves surface.  All you closet bakers, you know who you are..  What you find yourselves doing and the energy you exhume whilst doing it, says a lot about the state of your affairs in this department.  How hard is it to get to your desk place in the morning.. Are you enjoying all the things you have invested your time in throughout the past few years.  Or have you switched up your Alo Yoga leggings, all 15 of them for a kitchen apron that cloaks you proverbially with more love and acceptance than any down-dog could?   All those books you bought but never had time to read, are you reaching for those now?  When you opt for an online course, which is it that you gravitate towards?  Is it the graphic design course you have always wanted to take or is it something surprisingly, and refreshingly different?

The closer your life of confinement is to your true life, the more aligned the two are.  And yes some people are suckers for consistency, but even the most disciplined will find themselves veering towards their true desires.  What are they to you?


Money, Money, Money

Reap what You Sow


Finances were created to provide us with two very specific emotions, joy and security.  Are you feeling these two things, when you think about your finances today?  Are you feeling financially secure?  You don’t need 7 figure bank accounts to feel this way, it’s more about stability.  Having a feeling of peace that what you need you have access to… Then comes joy.. What are the items or experiences that you have spent money on that have given you most joy now? This joy may be reflected as usefulness, (yes that treadmill for sure), or the meditation retreat that taught you the calming skills that you are using daily.  Or maybe they are items of beauty around your home, be it a fabulous painting (regardless of size and price) or your newly instated vegetable patch..

More importantly perhaps are your financial regrets?  Are you looking on at your vintage Porsche as a total and complete waste of time and money?  Or perhaps the piles of workout clothing?  They don’t need to be bad purchases just perhaps one too many.. Do you wake up with a cold sweat in the middle of the night, worried about your cash flow..This is a true wake up call, take note!