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Ichigo Ichie Is The Japanese Promise Of Happiness!

Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie 一期一会 is a Japanese practice that aims to train people to lead happier more fulfilled lives by letting go of the past and easing their anxiety about the future. Translated as “In this moment there is an opportunity that will never be repeated”. Ichigo ichie not unlike mindfulness, it aims to teach us to stay in the moment .. and not only that, it teaches us to view everything that happens to us as experiences that are meant to be savoured, enjoyed or learnt from. If we can manage to learn one thing from this concept then it should be that each moment is precious and deserves are fullest attention.

Yet it’s not just about that. To fully understand this concept one must imagine that life is a series of coincidences and each moment carries with it the promise of transformation. Change, no matter how small or insignificant will end up triggering a chain reaction that results in a much bigger cataclysmic effect if you like; think of the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect implies that a butterfly flapping its wings in Hong Kong will unleash a storm in New York. In this context, one should understand that each moment is precious because we simply cannot know where life ends up taking us. Every moment holds an opportunity for a choice or a decision that can reverberate somewhere else. “What you do now will have a unique and totally different result from what you might do at another time.”

Ichigo ichie will teach us how to observe and cherish every moment to achieve the highest levels of peace and harmony in our lives. The following guidelines can help bring us closer to that objective.


1 || Sit & Observe

We’re always looking back to the past or forward to the future, whereas we should focus our attention on the here and now for as they say “where you place your attention is where you place your energy,” and this is where growth happens. Don’t be overly ambitious, the present moment can be something as simple as having friends over.


Ichigo Ichie


2 || Treat This Moment As If It Were Your Last

As painful as this sounds ichigo ichie encourages you to say hello and goodbye to your loved ones always… for you never know which will be your last goodbye.


Ichigo Ichie


3 || Do One Thing At A Time

If a hunter aims at two prey he will kill none, says an old Japanese proverb. The essence of this saying is that you have to focus your attention on one thing only, don’t attempt to hold a conversation with your son while you’re checking your phone. When you do something do it like it’s the single most important thing in the world.


Ichigo Ichie


4 || Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

If you do the same things over and over you have to expect the same results. If you want different results you have to be open for the different opportunities that are sent your way by the universe.


Ichigo Ichie


5 || Practice Seated Meditation

Make seated meditation an active part of your daily routine. Open doors to wellbeing by taking the time away from the rush of everyday life to meditate and reflect on the miracle of life.


Ichigo Ichie


6 || Try Grounding Exercises

Or mindfulness of the senses. Train yourself to listen, watch, touch, taste, and smell the surroundings to lead a richer more fulfilling existence. Not only will you become more alert to others around you but you will increase your levels of empathy and influence.


Ichigo Ichie


7 || Don’t Ignore Coincidences

The universe speaks to us though coincidences. Have you ever thought of someone unexpectedly only to bump into them or receive a phone call? Journalling will help you take more notice of these coincidences and will help you unlock the universe’s secret messages.


Ichigo Ichie


8 || Practice Compassion

Don’t judge a person by one small behaviour. Have compassion to what the others are going through in their lives that has prompted them to speak or behave the way they did.


Ichigo Ichie


9 || Don’t Like It Change It

Ichigo ichie teaches us to take control of our lives. Don’t like your current circumstances, actively work on changing them.


Ichigo Ichie


10 || Befriend Yourself

Be your own supporter and friend. Don’t worry about what others think of you, assume that you are the most unique person on earth and you will start emitting such vibes and attracting the like.


Ichigo Ichie


11 || Hunt For Special Moments & Let Go of Expectations

Always be on the lookout for special moments. Abundance flows your way when you are open and willing. Letting go of expectations will help you live joy in every moment.