8 Conversation Killers || And How To Avoid Them

Conversation Killers

A good conversation falls under the umbrella of mastering the art of people skills. Some people manage to make others indulge in talks, making them interesting, memorable and phenomenal conversations, others lack a few basics that usually end up killing a chit chat.. Despite the fact that it takes two to tango, -where sometimes there’s simply zero chemistry between the two sides- the question remains; why do we often enjoy talking to some people when others just drain us and push us away.. ?


The Definition Of A Good Conversation

When a person is a good listener, responsive and has the talent of mixing stories, quotes, observations, questions and more, he or she would be a pleasure to be with.. On the contrary, if you’re stuck in a conversation with someone who is consistently negative, overly curious or plain boring, his or her sight becomes absolutely dreadful!

— usually it’s someone using conversation as a means to another end.


10 Conversation Killers And How To Avoid Them

1 || It’s Not All About You

People are interested in you only to a certain extent.. Don’t be a selfish talker and transform any point into what it means to YOU or how it relates to YOU..  Stop asking questions as means to another end.. The world does not revolve around you. Also avoid offering too much information that might sound inappropriate and last but not least; eliminate name dropping..


How to avoid this?

Don’t go prepared, be spontaneous, trust the flow of the conversation. Allow others to talk and tell their stories. Don’t worry, relax and when the urge to respond pops into your head, find the right time and go ahead and share your thoughts!


2 || Stop Digging For Information

Trust this; people KNOW when your goal is to get something from them, no matter how sharp you think you are, this attitude is the worst conversation killer..


How to avoid this?

Don’t ask..Wait for it to come.


3 || Learn A Thing Or Two About Body Language

Get your cue from facial and body expressions.. We’re humans, we deliver messages accordingly.. Misreading or ignoring a cue could mean you trap someone who’s trying to politely excuse themselves.


How to avoid this?

If someone looks uncomfortable, give them an easy out — or excuse yourself.


Conversation Killers


4 || Dismiss Unnecessary Talk

Talking for the sole sake of being an active part of the conversation regardless of the strength or sense of what you’re saying is a disaster. We strictly advise you not to comment about the weather forecast as well,  unless it entails a natural disaster coming upon you…


How to fix it?

State the super obvious to yourself, just stay quiet and listen. Trying too hard is meaningless. Look for depth instead..


5 There’s Talk, And Then There’s Pause

Don’t worry if you’re a non-stop talker, it’s not a big mistake. Just learn to breathe,  don’t get carried away with yourself. Before you know it, the person standing in front of you will lose hope and interest in ever being part of the conversation.


How to fix it?

Pause. Take your cue from the person’e body language.. If someone opens their mouth, and you’ve been talking a lot, then wrap up your story and let them interject something.

Practice asking more questions. Actually wait for an answer. Stop trying so hard to fill all the little gaps.


6 || Minimize 3rd Person Praise

Well, we might’ve all been guilty of this at some point.. When we over- praise a person who isn’t even there. This will sound like you’re either so delusional or so paranoid.


Here’s how to fix it..

If you feel compelled to praise someone, try keeping it under one sentence. Be specific, short and use understatement.


7 || Beware Of False Modesty

Sharing good news is quite tempting, promoting oneself brings huge pleasure, we hear you; however, think about it, we’re all good at something. We’ve all done exciting things. Over and above, and what really matters most is when you assume up front listeners won’t be happy for you. That’s when you immediately try to downplay the big news you just shared. Trying to be humble usually comes off as arrogant and condescending.


Here’s how to fix it?

If you have good news, just spit it out. Humble bragging doesn’t work and is a form of bull****.


8 || Trying to bullshit everyone

Fooling others is not a skill. The fact that listeners might not comment does not mean that they haven’t noticed how fake you are, they’re usually just too polite to call you on it. Or they just write you off.


Here’s how to fix it?

Stop faking expertise.. Asking questions when you’re in doubt, get used to saying, “I’m not sure.” Stop playing roles..


Conversation Killers