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This TikTok Trend Promises A Flat Belly In Only Five Minutes

“Lose five pounds in five days” is a caption that went viral on TikTok recently, and all you have to do is dance! A user that has over 14 million followers and 40 million likes on a series of short videos that features her doing a fast belly moves on a techno music background.



Who does not dream of a flat stomach in this short amount of time? After all when the core is strengthened your posture, waist, back pain, and metabolism all will improve. But is this routine really gonna give you the promised results? Well, while there is no ab muscle contraction happening and it might not be the perfect way to lose weight, five minutes of dancing a day won’t hurt. Of course it can’t replace your regular workout routine. Although, let us all agree that it is at least much more fun than a five minutes plank… So regardless of the results, this workout is worth trying.