The One Crucial Factor You’re Missing Out On During COVID Lockdown

Crucial Factor Missing During COVID Lockdown

We’re almost hitting the third week of COVID19 quarantine lockdown. As most of us have settled into a routine of embracing one’s self and needs, taking up home-based activities, mental recharging and physical decluttering, the fear of lockdown has somehow subsided. All the goodness of taking time off simultaneously with the whole worldwide system is starting to pay off. One way or another, slowing the pace and paying attention to basics was badly needed..

However, there seems to be one negative aspect of not being able to step outside the borders of your house. Keep in mind, being in lockdown does not mean you stritctly cannot ‘be outside’. Have you given healthy sun exposure a thought? Maybe not, or maybe not yet.. By ‘healthy’ sun exposure, we mean getting your recommended daily dosage of vitamin D as opposed to solely building up that coveted tan..

How can we maximize our vitamin D absorption in times when even the least, unplanned-for amount of sun exposure in our ‘normal’ lives is not available anymore? Can we compensate our adequate vitamin D intake from food or supplements? Will that be sufficient?

Getting adequate amounts of vitamin D is an important immune-supporting strategy, especially when you’re stuck inside. Thinking that getting enough vitamin D from food is unsound, let’s Goa bit into details; the Daily Value of 800 international units (IU), which is twenty micrograms, would require drinking six cups of milk every day. And a three-ounce serving of fatty fish provides only around 500 IU of vitamin D.. Can we maintain the above consumption on a daily basis? The answer is simply no..

Just like plants we are beings who literally need sun rays in order to live, as our major source of vitamin D is sunlight. Sunlight is the factor that helps us make vitamin D, which is actually a hormone. Nowadays, it seems to be impossible for many people to get even a little bit of sun… What are we to do? We need vitamin D for healthy immune cells. Vitamin D supplements are good for respiratory tract health, especially in people with low blood levels of the vitamin. Vitamin D is also needed to build and maintain healthy bones all year long, because without it, we don’t absorb the calcium we eat. Incorporating as much calcium into your bones as you can in your teens and twenties makes it easier to build denser, stronger bones. By the thirties, it’s all about being consistent with vitamin D and calcium to minimize ongoing loss of bone.


Crucial Factor Missing During COVID Lockdown


Where Do We Stand Right Now?

  1. Finding out our vitamin D status is easy, a lab test is all you need to assess your situation. If your level is lower than you and your doctor are happy with, the simple solution is to take a supplement.
  2. As for factoring in sunlight, sunburn awareness is a must to avoid skin cancer or to prematurely age your skin. Think sunblock and moderate exposure..


What To Do During These Time?

Look for times of day where the sun deeply warms up and soaks a specific space in your home, head there and sulk, spend a good 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure, this is sufficient if taken in at least three days a week. Try to be exposed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., without significant cloud cover, if your skin is on the darker side, then extend the time of exposure, as higher amounts of melanin may decrease the amount of vitamin D absorption. Expose your arms, legs and most importantly your upper chest and neck.. This will temporarily take care of your vitamin D needs. Until the time comes when we’re set free to get our vitamin D outdoors!