Are You Ready For The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse? Here’s What You Need to Know

Lunar Eclipse

They say you’ll never see it unless you believe it.. We have never promoted or written about lunar eclipses and their effects on our lives, but the fact that we have three eclipses in the next 30 days, gave us reason to pause… What if.

Today June 5th, the penumbral lunar eclipse starts for a 4 week period.  This will be followed by a second lunar eclipse, and just to add more fun to the mix, there will also be a solar eclipse taking place within this time frame.  So basically three transformational eclipses in an 8 week period.

Lunar eclipses, are essentially super-charged full moons, and if you are so inclined you will feel the energy of the universe during this time.  Even if you can’t see the eclipse, the energy can still effect you.  Lunar eclipses and full moons are generally approached with apprehension, possibly pain.  The truth is though, these powerful events can create opportunities for transition and change, and whether good or bad, change is painful!


Lunar Eclipse


Lunar eclipses are said to highlight events or situations in our lives that need to be addressed. The emphasis being on the word ‘highlight’, if you are open to it you may become aware of certain questions or answers.. but only if you are willing to consider these signs.  For centuries people have sworn by the universe’s uncanny ability to set us on the right path if we are open to it.  If we were to assume that these effects can be felt more powerfully during eclipses, then perhaps it is time to tap in, in the hope of growing and transforming (with as little pain as possible, because seriously we’ve had enough! )

From a technical perspective, eclipses happen 2 – 3 times a year, and occur in pairs or threesomes. This phenomenon only happens when the sun, moon and earth fall into a straight line.  These events are said to give us insight into where and how we can grow most in the next 6 months.  It may provide answers to questions w’eve been looking for, creating situations or circumstances that will once and for all, nudge us out of the comfort zone we find ourselves in.  Worth considering don’t you think?