Fifty Shades Of “Cut the crap”!

Hello ladies! Well even I have to get serious sometimes..

In ‘Fifty Shades of Cut the Crap’ I will talk about the harsher realities that are not so

comical. As you all know by now, I am here to dish out reality; at the risk

of being burned at the stake, here goes..

Recently a hashtag on social media grabbed my attention. It is a hashtag campaign for women who choose to hold each other up and “fix each other’s crowns”. Being a sometimes optimistic (ok optimism is not one of my strengths I admit) I thought, “wow that’s amazing!” finally!

Women are really harsher on each other than men and its time we gave it a rest. Silly me thought said “crowns” are to be worn by all women of course, girl power and all! As the hashtag became more popular, I started to notice something that was actually very blaringly obvious but maybe my mind played tricks? I looked more closely and there you had it… working women were “crowning” mostly and sometimes exclusively other fellow working women!

That’s great, I have absolute respect for working women, they are my heroes! To work and raise a family and be as awesome as they are while doing it all is no easy task. But the hashtag does not specify “crown your fellow working woman”! Ok I really need to put this down without sugar coating it.  I have on various occasions actually seen, heard and been told straight to my face: women who work absolutely judge women who don’t work. Argue

all you want with me ladies (you can send hate mail but try to keep it civil!) but it is the absolute harsh reality. Working women may not say it outright, but it is oh so crystal clear! A working women/mother is always on the move and struggles to keep the balance and I get that, and respect it without question. What I do not accept or understand is why the non-working women/mothers are considered lazy or unproductive or only interested in futile things?

Think about it, if a woman chooses to crown only the women who work, like her, isn’t she effectively discriminating against those who don’t? This is not “holding each other up”, this is judgement plain and simple! It is just disappointing to see that female empowerment seems to now veer toward females in the workforce alone. Let’s all “cut the crap” on

this and distribute crowns equally, every woman deserves one regardless!



Until next time…

Reality Bytes