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Victoria Beckham Hops On The Beauty Train With A New YouTube Channel!

Victoria Beckham-New YouTube Channel

Victoria Beckham is quite the indomitable force nowadays. Posh Spice has clearly come a very long way since her early days in the mid-90’s, when all she could do was sing! Yup….being a member of one of the bands that defined a decade wasn’t good enough for Victoria! Since then Posh Spice has dipped her hands into being a style icon, mother, fashion designer, and now she’s establishing herself as a YouTube beauty vlogger!

Victoria Beckham-New YouTube Channel

Announced on her Instagram page; Beckham posted a video where she is seen sitting with Derek Blasberg YouTube’s new fashion and beauty director. The main point of the video seemed to be a congratulatory celebration of her label’s 10-year anniversary, however the REAL main objective of the video was to announce her new endeavour. “Today I have special news to share. I will be launching my own @youtube channel with beauty tutorials, styling tips and lots of stuff from me,” reads the caption of the video.

Already over 20,000 users have subscribed to her channel upon Victoria’s request, and perhaps in their hope to see Blasberg naked just like Victoria teased in her video! So if you’re into YouTube, or not… my guess is that we should stay tuned to what Beckham has in store for us. I’m guessing it will be worth it because the former Posh Spice believes in the adage …Go Big or Go Home!!