This One Veggie Unwashed Is A Lifetime Reserve of Probiotics

Brussel Sprouts

Many people are struggling with gut health nowadays. There are many triggers that lower the efficacy of our digestion such as environmental toxins, prescription meds, antibiotics and bad eating habits and the list goes on. Restoring gut flora has been widely practiced, by consuming different types of probiotics one could compensate their digestive system with the lost good bacteria. However, little did we know that 99% of the probiotics we purchase and consume are considered obsolete.. Why? Simply because they cannot withstand nor survive the acidity that is primarily welcoming them into our guts. Which leaves us with one question; what source of probiotics can linger and safely reach to the utmost place where it’s much needed, the small intestines..?

I found my answer when I finally picked up a copy of ‘Medical Medium’. Anthony Williams is the real deal when it comes to explaining how our bodies work and most importantly how to heal from chronic illnesses and truly understand how our bodies function. Below is how I was convinced enough to throw away all my probiotic supplements that were currently residing in my fridge, and what path I have started adopting ever since I was aware of what’s truly going on inside my gut..

To begin with, I was shocked by the fact that good bacteria in our gut produces most of our bodies’ supply of vitamin B12. (The level of B12 in your blood test is not an indication of how efficiently and effectively you are using B12- another shock to me).. B12 is the vitamin mostly needed for ideal energy levels, mood and much more. Meaning, if our bodies could not naturally produce a decent amount of B12 we are in trouble.

There exists some amazing sources that provide or bodies with a decent amount of probiotics needed in the last part of our small intestines, the ileum. Where can we get them from? Fresh, living foods.

Those are a special type of probiotics called elevated microorganisms, or elevated biotics, because they harbor the energy from God and the sun. Those act as the most gut-renewing option there is. And those are the very microorganisms that the ileum harbors. Therefore, creating the B12 that our bodies and brains mostly recognize.


Brussel Sprouts


Raw, unwashed Brussel sprouts, kale broccoli are literally living micro-gardens. They naturally team with beneficial bacteria that will help thrive your gut! Due to the fact that those revitalizing probiotics live on the surface of these foods, they are better when eaten unwashed, or else you’d be ridding them from their magic. It is also proven that even if you’ve eaten any of the unwashed veggies above only once in your life it has protected your gut to some degree, without you knowing!

Bottom line, by restoring productive bacteria, almost any gut health problem you have is likely to heal… Go ahead and start munching on those God-given foods of bliss!